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Printed Fabric Bee Woodland Fabric Giveaway

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

printed bee collage woodlands

This is a beautiful collection of fabrics that the group did for Queen Bee, Carol R. Eaton. Go to her Blog and leave a comment for a chance to win. The Printed Fabric Bee also has a blog and you can head over there and leave a comment, too.

Good luck!

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

blue spiral giveaway pack labeled photos

The Printed Fabric Bee’s blue spiral fabric is revealed. Click the photo to go to our FB page or click on Julie’s blog post and leave a comment for a chance to win this pack of fabrics.


The things I find!

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013


You probably realize that I have been missing in action because I have been busy with by archeological dig in the studio/office of our home. I keep finding interesting bits of ephemera, photos and unfinished projects like a sweater I was knitting for myself and a couple of journals.

Here is a lost doll sign that Mia made when she lost her favorite doll at the beach where we were spending Thanksgiving. I saved it because? Well, just because.


Last week I found That 70s Family. Today, I have the 80s version.



Today, I found the journals up there at the top. The first one that I started had three entries, dated September 23, 24 and 25, 1991. (22 years ago. I was a mere 53 years old.)

An excerpt from the first entry:

Yesterday, Lisa asked why I had not yet written in this journal and started to scold me. She stopped, apologized and said, “You have to be ready and want to do it.” Every day, I  have these profound thoughts and ideas which I want to write down. I am usually pm a walk or bike ride, and I just never get around to it. Today. I faced the fact that if I don’t write it down, it is not real and it (a thought or idea about myself) can just be out there floating around and I don’t have to deal with it. In other words, I can be a figment of my imagination, and not be real.

(There was some other stuff. I ended with the following.)

I am thankful for the affirmations that Steve, Mark, Lisa and Stephanie give to me. I will not dread the future, I will put the past behind me. I will write about what today gave to me. There, I have begun.

The next entry made me cry.

Today was a long, lonely day. I am attempting to keep myself busy with projects that need to get done. I really crave interaction with other people. Stephanie called this morning – needed money- but we had a nice chat. Steve called from Japan tonight. He misses me as much as I miss him.

I’m struggling over looking for a job. I am afraid of failure and I want to maintain my independence. I’m not sure what I have a passion for, but I may not have the luxury of indulging in my passion.

I wonder how Mark is doing. He has been teaching English in Mexico for two days. I hope he calls soon. I miss him. I am happy that he has made a goal for himself and succeeded in reaching it.

The last entry was very short and sad.

I’m in a rut. I have no friends and no family to interact with. I’m tired of entertaining myself. I have to make a plan to get back into life.

I am trying to remember the circumstances that made me feel so lonely. As I recall, I had just quit a job that I was unhappy with. Prior to that, I had owned and operated two successful diet counseling franchises. The company underwent a leveraged buy out and essentially went in the dumper. But, I had had several years of a happy work life and interaction with lots of people. Fast forward to the time when Mr C was constantly traveling to Japan for work. The kids were long gone from home. Soon after that, I got a job at the Episcopal Church as the office administrator.  I loved the job and felt happy and fulfilled. In 1994, we moved to Wilmington, NC. where the other journal was started. I will share that in a later blog post. It is somewhat of a mystery to me!!

I might also say that when I started blogging in 2005, I finally found a way to journal that worked for me. And, can we say, that I finally found something for which I have a passion?

In addition to being busy with the sorting and purging, I helped with our annual Trinity Artisan’s Fair on Sunday. I loved these Chickens made from Pendleton Wool scraps. There is an outlet store near me. The maker gets her fabric there.


I have also been stitching on the 3x3s in the evening.


Food for the Soul

Monday, October 14th, 2013


I am checking in from our cabin in the Deschutes National Forest in central Oregon. I have never been here in the fall, and I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the Aspen Trees wearing their golden fall color. It is glorious for an Aspen lover such as myself to see these groves of Aspens in shades of gold and green.

Our cabin is in the Lake Creek Resort.


Here is the view from our porch. You can see the Lake Creek which flows from Suttle Lake.


To get to the main lodge, we walk over this quaint bridge.


We have Scooter with us and we are all enjoying walks in the cool, crisp air. I am so glad that I brought my puffy green down jacket.


When we got here yesterday, about 4 pm, we took Scooter on a 2 mile walk. We wanted to pick up some things at the Camp Sherman store, unfortunately, it closed at 4 and would not open again until Friday. This true of many places around here, we have found. The summer season is over and they are on a week-end schedule. We did get to have dinner at the Black Butte Ranch Lodge. However, they were out of just about everything on the menu – poor planning, I guess. I was so disappointed, but since it was my birthday, they comped me my steak dinner and dessert and he gave me a double poor of wine!

This morning, we took a hike through the forest to find the beautiful Metolius River. We walked from our cabin to the stocked fishing pond on the lodge property where I was able to get some close up photos of Aspen leaves.





We did not see another soul on our hike, just a couple of deer, until we got to the river. Here are some photos I took.





Here is the Metolius which has a very melodic sound.




On the hike back we stopped to rest and take in the beauty by the fishing pond and I snapped these Aspen saplings reflected in the pond.


We went into Sisters for lunch and picked up some food for dinner tonight. I worked on the sweater I am knitting for Paige and then we took another walk. This time, we followed the path that circumvents the resort property. A shorter walk, but beautiful, too.

Mr C found this indigo blue Aspen leaf. I love it.




We are heading home tomorrow, feeling rested and satiated with the beautiful surroundings of Central Oregon.





Seventy-five , but Who is Counting?

Saturday, October 12th, 2013


Here is my cake – a delicious gluten and diary free Irish oatmeal spice cake. Steph made little flags out of silk shibori that we dyed together.

It was a nice, uneventful day. We are beginning to get some fall color. Makes our daily walks very enjoyable.

2013fallcolorI saw this pile of pumpkins on my shopping trip yesterday.


My present to myslef was a clean-up from the recent creativy and bobbin hunt. I got my Janome back yesterday and this afternoon, I got the pet postcards ready for their backing.


These two are on some deconstructed print fabric.


These are done on whitish fabrics – I think the Scooter motif shows up better.

Here are my Maggie cards.



The yellow and green ones are from a print I did with a masking paper resist on a silk screen. I used green paint on yellow fabric. I am glad I finally found a use for it.


Tonight we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant that specializes in tasty small plates. It was very yummy. Miles dressed very nicely for the event. I love that he likes to get dressed up.


As we left the restaurant, we saw this tree illuminated by red lights from the restaurant and the moon. Awesome sight.


So that was my birthday. We are extending it a few days with a trip to Camp Sherman in the mountains of Central Oregon on the Metolius. We have a cabin for two nights and can take Scooter with us. I will try to post some photos from there.