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Excuses, Excuses

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

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That lovely girl in the photo with me is my lovely granddaughter, Mia. Those who have been following my blog for low these many years know that we moved to Portland 8 years ago when she was just finishing Kindergarden. And, just like that, she is taller than me and graduated from Junior High. Her gift from me was a trip to Seattle on the train and a night in a posh hotel.

We took the trip last Friday and Saturday. Prior to that, I was busy with meetings — Guild board on Monday, finishing quilts to turn in to High Fiber Diet on Tuesday and SAQA at Terry Grant’s home on Wednesday. It was a busy week.

Early on Thursday, I met Mia and Steph at the Portland Union Station to board our train to Seattle. I love trains and train travel. This is the ceiling of the Union ‘Station.

unionstation ceiling

By lunch time, we were in Seattle at the King Street Station.


We packed very lightly so that we could carry our stuff easily until we got to the Hotel Sorrento which is way up on First Hill – nine blocks up from the touristy area of the city. The station is near Pioneer Square, a lovely older area of Seattle with lots of galleries and parks. Steph knew of a restaurant there that she wanted to try — London Plane. The food was quite avant garde and very delicious. They also had a lovely selection of things for the stylish home.

I had to really hustle to keep up with my ectomorph daughter and granddaughter.


After stopping in a few shops, chosen by Miss Mia, we actually walked up to our hotel, stopping to rest at the beautifully designed Seattle Library.


The room was magically ready and so we were able to get settled. Mia loved the big king size bed so much that I thought we might never get her out of the room.


I slept in the sitting room on a pull out bed which they made up for me with a ton of pillows and comforter.

I always love going to Seattle to discover new things. On this trip, we found out about this small park which has a waterfall.


Steph caught me Instagramming.grammagramming

I love the variety of architecture.


We loved the small Finnish shop near Pike Place. They had a beautiful assortment of Marimekko fabric.


I took this shot of Mia on the train, coming home. I can’t believe how grown up and beautiful she is. In the fall, she is going to St Mary’s Acadamy – a highschool for girls.


We saw the start of the sun setting as we arrived back in Oregon.


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Sacred Threads in Seattle

Sunday, June 29th, 2014


Mr C and I spent a nice couple of days in Seattle, enjoying some art and good food. I feel creatively and spiritually fulfilled. We went to two museums, I will post about them tomorrow. Tonight, I will share some photos from the Sacred Threads show. The above pieces are by Vikki Pignatelli. She founded  the Sacred Threads exhibit. Her work is exquisite with loads of curved piecing and beautiful quilting. Here is a tree.



A detail shot shows the beautiful workmanship.


Here is my Aspen Quilt, looking dwarfed next to the wedding of Adam and Eve.


Here is some other interesting work. I thought I took photos of the names, but can’t find them.








This piece is by Wen Redmond.



And this piece was by Ginny Greaves.



A added benefit for Mr C and I was getting to see two volumes of the St. John’s Bible.

The Saint John’s Bible is the first completely handwritten and illuminated Bible to have been commissioned by a Benedictine Abbey since the invention of the printing press.

Beginning in 1970, master calligrapher Donald Jackson expressed in media interviews his lifelong dream of creating an illuminated Bible. Following a Saint John’s-sponsored calligraphy presentation at the Newberry Library in Chicago in 1995, Jackson discussed a handwritten Bible with Fr. Eric Hollas, OSB, former executive director of the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library at Saint John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota. Between 1996 and 1997, Saint John’s explored the feasibility of the Bible project, Jackson created first samples, and theologians developed the illumination schema. The Saint John’s Bible was officially commissioned in 1998 and funding opportunities were launched. The public was introduced to the project in 1999 and production was completed in 2011, with the final word penned in May 2011 and touch-up work completed by December 2011.

The Epiphany Parish, where the Sacred Threads exhibit was held has two copies of two of the volumes: The Gospel and Acts and The Prophets. I love the art work in these books. The actual pages are kept at St John’s and copies of the pages were printed so that they could be shared around the world. There are also coffee table size reprints. I came home and ordered the Psalms edition.

Here are some photos of some of the pages:












Some of you may know that I have a soft place in my heart for religious art. So this was a real treat.

We so enjoyed meeting the women at Epiphany Parish. They were so lovely and fun to hang out with for the time we were there. Many thanks to them for hosting this exhibit.


Back to the Studio Clearance

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

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Lisa gave me this set of fabrics that she designed for Cloud 9 Fabrics. I am going to make a quilt for Paige and one or two of my nieces. It is a wonderful collection to work with.

We made it back to Portland yesterday and after some lunch and unpacking, I was back in the studio, sorting and purging. We had a beautiful day for a drive on Sunday and made it to Grants Pass by 5 pm. We saw this gorgeous sunset as we were driving to our motel. It took my breath away.


Yesterday, we awoke to rain and fog, but as we drove closer to Portland, the sun was coming out. It has been freezing cold and clear. We stopped and bought groceries and a wreath for the front door. I don’t think I am going to do much decorating this year.

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So, I finished the cleaning out of my studio and have separated what I want to keep and what I want to sell or donate. Mr C did a great job of cleaning the floors behind me, vacuuming and mopping them. The studio now looks like this.

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

Every thing has been shoved to one side. Tomorrow, I will start setting up for my studio sale. Steph is coming over in the afternoon to help. On Thursday and Friday, I have a friend who is going to come and help me. If you live in the Portland area, come by between 10 and 4 pm. and check out what I have for sale – lots of goodies, books, fabric, magazines and some of my quilts will be greatly reduced in price. E-mail me for my address.

Next on my agenda is cleaning closets and other areas upstairs. Got to have everything done by January 1.

Sunny Fun Times with the Bay Area Peeps

Friday, November 29th, 2013


This little cutie is the reason we are having our Thanksgiving in the Bay Area. We had an uneventful drive, with a stayover in Yreka on Tuesday night. Mark called to say he had just realized that Paige’s daycare was closed on Wednesday and he wondered if we could come there in the afternoon to help out. Yippee!!

So instead of going to Lisa’s for the afternoon and evening, we went directly to SF and spent some great time with our little granddaughter. We went to a couple of shops to pick up some stuff for dinner that night and the next day and then took her to the park while the cleaning people were at the house.


We had lots of fun. Mark picked up fresh crabs from the Chinese seafood market and prepared them for us for dinner. Jayme arrived just in time, having finished her day in her surgery rotation.

Yesterday, Lisa, Clay and the two of us did some food prep here and then headed back to Mark’s for our Thanksgiving Day meal. Mark did the turkey on the grill and the rest of us took turns in the kitchen preparing different parts of the meal. It was all delicious and it was special to have the time with them and Paige in the middle of it all, hamming it up for our entertainment. Here she is with Poppop, playing her little red piano..



I love this photo of Lisa and Clay taking a selfie.

Today, we went back for leftovers, after a nice walk with the girls and Wilfredo. Then we went to Lands End for a hike.



I always love seeing these weathered Cypress trees acting as sentinels at the edge of the bay.


A foggy view of the bay.


Paige in her new sunhat.


Ready for the hike.



The Golden Gate Bridge.


Time to restrain the child in a backpack. It takes a village to get her settled in!


Back on the trail with Mom and Dad.

Here are the hikers at the end of our walk.


Tonight, the girls took us to the movies to see Philomena. Excellent film. I highly recommend it. Judy Dench is terrific, as usual. It is a very compelling story.

Off to bed. In the morning, Mr C and I are going to the DeYoung to see the David Hockney exhibit. By the way, the weather is beautiful here in the Bay Area.

Seduced by Technique

Sunday, October 20th, 2013


I went back to the Oregon critque group on Saturday, after taking a time out for most of this year. I just was too busy to attend the other two meetings this year. We had a wonderful artist as our guest critic. Jennifer, is a native Scot, but has not lived there for some time. She has an MFA and is an acrylic painter and works at the Bush Barn Art Center in Salem. I took my graffiti piece and my moon pieces. She really loved the graffiti piece — the only downside was the purple/blue paint being too much the same value as the background. I agree. It was exciting to have this chance to hear comments about this daring approach to my art.

moonstruckshrunk     BlueMoon1indigomoonweb

I asked her to look at my moon pieces, as a series. She thought they were boring and didn’t quite get how the person who created the graffiti piece did these. As I sat there and looked at them, I had to agree. On my over hour long drive home, I thought about it. I think I became seduced by a technique and lost my creative edge. I am going to abandon this work for awhile and go back to my more creative work.

I am working on a piece for our local SAQA show, layers. I am working on a background of fabrics that represent the 4 seasons. I have cut the pieces for summer and fall.


We have been having glorious fall weather. Yesterday’s drive to Silverton, through the Oregon countryside, was beautiful. We met at Carol Heist’s home, which is up on a hill, overlooking the Silverton reservoir. Here is the view from her deck.


We had the crit session in her studio which is built behind their home with a passageway. The studio is truly envy worthy. Here is a view from the outside.



I did some experimenting with Jacquard’s Dye Magnet today. I can’t share that until later.