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Life in the Fast Lane! (And some winners)

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014


It has been a busy time since I last checked in here. We had a quick trip to the CA bay area to spend time with family and to attend Paige’s second birthday party. She was basically ambivalent about her quilt, but Mom and Dad liked it! She is two, after all. We enjoyed the drive in our very efficient Prius. We would fill it up with 12 gallons of gas and then be able to drive for over 500 miles. We enjoyed the satellite radio in the areas of Oregon and California where the reception is not very good. The voice activated navigation is having a hard time understanding us. Have to work on that.

We came back yesterday because we have so much to do to get ready for our move. I did the random number generator for my art giveaway.

#26 – Fitzy gets first choice of the 3 pieces. Let me know soon and send me your snail mail address.

#34 – Diane English gets second choice. I will let you know which two are available as soon as Fitzy makes a selection.

#21 – Jen Page, my niece gets the third piece. I will send you whatever is left!!

The night before we left on our trip, Mr C and I had dinner with two of the Twelves. Deborah Boschart and her family spent spring break here in the northwest and Terry and her husband joined all of us for a fun night.

2014-03-12 20.14.44

Here are some photos from our trip.

2014-03-14 15.15.59-1

A pile of Lisa’s latest book, Whatever You are, Be a Good One, a compilation of hand lettered and illustrated quotes. I got to bring one home with me.

2014-03-15 11.01.22

Here is Paige with her handsome Daddy.


A daredevil on the swings!


Lighting the candles on the cake. She had a joint party with her buddy, Clark, who lives on their street.

2014-03-17 08.17.51

On the drive home, we saw a rainbow, but didn’t find the pot of gold.

crayontrucksI did manage to get a photo of the crayon trucks on i-5 in Northern California. I usually see them too late and am not ready with the camera, but this time, I did it.

We are not able to put in hardwood floors in the condo because of noise issues. So, today, we ventured out to look at carpet options. We found a new type, SmartStrand, which is made from corn and is very durable and soft and cleans up with plain water. It has no off-gassing and is great for people with allergies. We decided to go with this and are now trying to decide on what color.

I really can’t think too much about all that has to be done. I am just taking one day at a time.


A Celebration

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014


We found our new home. Life has been very crazy around here since I last posted. I had a great time at the SAQA Oregon conference and got some nice feedback on my talk. On Friday, the condo we have been waiting for popped up on our RLMS feed. We got an appointment to see it on Saturday and made our offer which was presented to the seller on Tuesday along with two other offers. We were very aggressive in our offer because this was the one we had been waiting for.  See the arrow up there? Our new home is on the fourth floor, not the top. There is a nice sized deck on the back which overlooks the hillside. We have a view from the dining room area bay windows down to the Willamette river which is east of us.


Those draperies and the chandelier have gone with the seller, thank goodness! The place is decorated in a much more formal manner than we  like. We will be ripping out the carpet and putting in hardwoods for the sake of my allergies. The kitchen appears to be recently redone. It is very stylish and modern.

newkitchenThe seller was moving out yesterday and today so it will be a fast turnover. We get to go in for the inspection tomorrow and will do some measuring and have a chance to see it without all the furniture. It has two bedrooms and two baths, a laundry/utility room with a sink and great room adjacent to the kitchen plus a separate storage area. It has a walking score of 94 which was one thing we were looking for. The condo has a gym, meeting/party room which you can reserve free of charge and a library/reading room. We also have two primo parking spots.

Needless to say, we are very happy! So, I have an additional reason to celebrate.

Leave me a comment and have a chance to win a piece of Gericon art. I will select 3 names. First name gets first choice, etc. Here is the art.



Northwest Winter


X Marks the Spot.


I will randomly select names after we get back from our trip to California for Paige’s 2nd birthday. I am finishing her quilt today – stitching the binding. This afternoon, we are going back to see Dan at Toyota for some instruction on all the extras on our Prius. Tomorrow, I have guild meeting in the morning and the home inspection in the afternoon and then dinner with Deborah Boschert, one of the Twelves, who is visiting Portland with her family. On Thursday, we are off to California.

Busy, busy!




Happy Solstice!

Saturday, December 21st, 2013


I love both the winter and the summer solstice. Today brings the promise of the return of more light. The summer solstice is the celebration of the longest day of light.

I got so much done in the last couple of days, even though they were short on daylight. Yesterday, I embellished a little jean’s jacket for Paige. My sister-in-law in CA thrifted it for me. It is a size 2 toddler so she may need to grow into it. I put it and a few other things in the mail to her yestereday. Here is the front. Not terribly inspired, but it will be unique.


I want to thank all of you who helped me destash my studio. I only have 3 bundles left! I might add some hand-dyes and some inexpensive scrap bundles later. Today, I printed all the labels and packaged up the goodies and dropped them off at the Post Office. You should receive your fabric a day or two after Christmas. Here is what I delivered to the PO this morning.


Then, I went to work on de-personalizing our home to prepare it for selling to someone else. First, I took down my cross collection – didn’t want to scare off a potential buyer! I also packed up all the family photos from several different rooms. I got a bit weepy as I saw the transformation happening, but it will all be good when I can put every thing back in a new home!

Then, I scooted down to the studio and spent some time locating some of my tools and thermofax screens in the storage room. I need to print a fat quarter to go in The Printed Fabric Bee fabric pack for Virginia Spiegel’s 5 K to Fight Cancer. I wanted to discharge a pattern on a hand-dyed fabric, hoping the turquoise would remain where I discharged. I couldn’t find my Soft Scrub so I ran out to buy a new bottle. I wanted to use one of my favorite old screens with wonky lines. You can see where the softscrub is on the fabric.

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

Unfortunately, this Soft Scrub did not have enough chlorine to discharge the dye. So, I just have a very clean piece of fabric. I will try again with discharge paste, if I can find it!! Or maybe, I will screen on paint. That would probably be easiest.

Sunny Fun Times with the Bay Area Peeps

Friday, November 29th, 2013


This little cutie is the reason we are having our Thanksgiving in the Bay Area. We had an uneventful drive, with a stayover in Yreka on Tuesday night. Mark called to say he had just realized that Paige’s daycare was closed on Wednesday and he wondered if we could come there in the afternoon to help out. Yippee!!

So instead of going to Lisa’s for the afternoon and evening, we went directly to SF and spent some great time with our little granddaughter. We went to a couple of shops to pick up some stuff for dinner that night and the next day and then took her to the park while the cleaning people were at the house.


We had lots of fun. Mark picked up fresh crabs from the Chinese seafood market and prepared them for us for dinner. Jayme arrived just in time, having finished her day in her surgery rotation.

Yesterday, Lisa, Clay and the two of us did some food prep here and then headed back to Mark’s for our Thanksgiving Day meal. Mark did the turkey on the grill and the rest of us took turns in the kitchen preparing different parts of the meal. It was all delicious and it was special to have the time with them and Paige in the middle of it all, hamming it up for our entertainment. Here she is with Poppop, playing her little red piano..



I love this photo of Lisa and Clay taking a selfie.

Today, we went back for leftovers, after a nice walk with the girls and Wilfredo. Then we went to Lands End for a hike.



I always love seeing these weathered Cypress trees acting as sentinels at the edge of the bay.


A foggy view of the bay.


Paige in her new sunhat.


Ready for the hike.



The Golden Gate Bridge.


Time to restrain the child in a backpack. It takes a village to get her settled in!


Back on the trail with Mom and Dad.

Here are the hikers at the end of our walk.


Tonight, the girls took us to the movies to see Philomena. Excellent film. I highly recommend it. Judy Dench is terrific, as usual. It is a very compelling story.

Off to bed. In the morning, Mr C and I are going to the DeYoung to see the David Hockney exhibit. By the way, the weather is beautiful here in the Bay Area.

What I’ve Been Up To

Monday, November 18th, 2013


Here is your bit of cuteness. Paige making a salad for her aunties. Can’t wait to see her next week.

I have been plugging along with the cleaning/sorting/purging. It has been slow going for the last few days because I have had so many commitments taking up my time. My goal is to finish the downstairs before we leave for California next week.

On Friday, Mr C and I drove to Eugene for the Oregon Diocese Episcopal Convention. I did a meet and greet at the Trinity Arts table and passed out the prospectus for our next show. We were sitting next to the Episcopal Integrity table. They are a group that supports the GBLT community.


On Saturday, I should have gotten more done, but I took time out to make some Tibetan dessert for the reception to open our annual Trinity Arts holiday exhibit which features artisans from around the world. This year we have handmade items from Tibet.

So, I was up early and off to church to help set up and sell the lovely things. All proceeds will go to a school in Tibet.

These silk hangings are gorgeous and all hand made. Both of them sold right away.


I loved this bag and if it is still there next week, it may come home with me.


I did come home with this beautiful scarf – totally my colors.


I forgot to mention that on Saturday night, I got to hear and meet one of my heroines,Sister Simone who started the Nuns on the Bus. It was such an inspiring talk and then she had a long question and answer session. She is really sharp with the answers and quite the sense of humor.


Today, I didn’t get down stairs until the afternoon because I had 3 Constant Contact newsletters to format and send for SDA state reps. Tonight, we took a break and went to the symphony. It was wonderful. It was our first concert of the year as we missed the first one in our series.

So, there you have it. Tomorrow, I hope to get in a full day of purging. I shall persevere. And you know, it is cathartic.