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Feeling Motivated

Monday, March 28th, 2016


We had a really nice Easter week-end and I am feeling pretty good, right now. I am managing my pain quite well, sleeping all night and looking forward to May and a new knee. I am also feeling some creative mojo creeping into my brain. I stopped in at my studio and picked up these fabrics last week. I want to make my SAQA 12 x 12 donation quilt using the fabrics I bought from Elin Noble mixed with some of my hand dyes. I have a preliminary layout:


I also have a great idea for a larger quilt that I would like to get done before my surgery. The plan I have would allow me to do a lot of the work while sitting at my work table here at home, in my ergonomic chair. Standing for even short periods is very difficult for me.

Yesterday was a great family day. We had Easter brunch at Stephanie’s. She made her traditional cinnamon rolls shaped like a lamb, quiche, salad and bacon. Then the whole family showed up here for dinner. I planned a menu that would not require me to be on my feet a lot. I made roasted salmon, potatoes and asparagus. Clay made a salad. Since Steph’s birthday is later this week, we decided to celebrate yesterday. I made her a special cake with all her favorite flavors in it – a butternut squash spice cake.



It was Paige’s 4th birthday on Saturday and we were sorry to miss spending it with her. I stole this photo from her mom’s instagram feed. Isn’t she adorable?  I did get to facetime with her and sing happy birthday.

Screenshot 2016-03-27 20.26.40

Her present isn’t quite done. I have the back of the Pooh sweater done and am starting the front.


So, life goes on here and it is not too bad.

I’m Back

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016


I have been very busy with my SDA duties. When I send out renewal letters, I get a lot of renewals to update in the database and this time of year it is about double. So, I have been chained to the computer and not doing much creatively.

Look, at my Paige, riding her new bike. She is growing up so fast!! Looks like it is quite nice in San Mateo. In Portland, we had snow and ice and cold weather and schools closed for two days.


This photo was taken out our condo window.

I have managed to finish the brown kid sweater and get started on the little hat.


I want to get a cowl done for myself with this lovely yarn.


When I was in California, knitting, Paige wondered what I was making. She mused that she would like a purple sweater with Winnie the Pooh on it. I found this book on an Etsy site so I just need to buy the yarn.

poohsweaterbookI am hoping to crank up the sewing machine tomorrow and do some facings on a couple of small quilts and add an oak tree to the Sonoma landscape. I am getting a slow start for the new year, sort of coasting and dealing with the knee issue. Trying to do the daily exercises that have been prescribed – they are really kind of annoying and I don’t enjoy doing them!

Day 30

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015


We left California yesterday, stayed over in Grants Pass and arrived home today. We cashed in our free night at the La Quinta Inn. Scooter is a tired boy because he went to Mt Hood and played in the snow with Lisa and Clay!

It was hard to say good-bye to Paige, but I think she was ready for calmer days, following the excitement of the holidays.


We attended her swimming lesson at the Y. She is resistant to putting her face in the water, but I am sure she will get over it. She was having 4 days of lessons in a row. My son was responsible for taking her as Jayme was doing her pediatrician residency work. She looks so cure in her goggles!


Here is a collage that she made while we were there.


I want to say a few things about my knee. I was in excruciating pain most of the time we were there. It became difficult for me to stand from a sitting position and I had pain during the night while in bed. I had to use my cane all the time.

Then, miraculously, yesterday morning, I woke up without much pain and had slept well all night. I thought the pain I had been having was from sitting in the car for two days in a row, but I have arrived home feeling pretty good. I think the hustle and bustle of the holidays did me in, plus on Sunday, we went to the mall and I had a hard time keeping up with my long legged companions.

Anyway, I am going to try to pace myself. It was very difficult to feel so helpless and I had a several melt downs.

The drive home was very nice – cold, but no difficult road conditions. We did see lots of snow in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

Here is Mt. Shasta:


And, Southern Oregon looked like a winter wonderland.


We always enjoy seeing what I call the crayon trucks in Northern California.


It was a mostly enjoyable trip and visit with the very busy Mark and Jayme and their whirling dervish, Paige.


Day 27

Sunday, December 27th, 2015


After a lovely Christmas eve and Christmas morning brunch with the Portland peeps, Mr C and I left for sunny California to spend time with Paige and her family in San Mateo.

Our drive to Ashland was uneventful, but we saw the most awesome cloud formations.


There was snow in the hills around Ashland and as we headed south the next morning, we were greeted with the lovely site of snow covered trees.


The roads were clear and we made it to San Mateo by mid afternoon yesterday. We gave Paige an American Girl Bitty Baby and she is a great little mommy.



We went out for Japanese food last night and this morning hit the mall so Jayme could do some exchanges. Paige dressed as a butterfly for the trip.


At some point she ran out of energy and sat and rested while Mom and Dad looked at shoes.


We have had a good time reading to her and doing puzzles.


Mark has quite the garden in their backyard and brought these in for us to enjoy.


I guess you know you are in CA when you are picking the last of the tomatoes in December.

31 Day Blog Challenge

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015


Cheryl Sleboda has issued a challenge to other bloggers to post to their blog every day this month. I know that I have been posting a lot less. I will blame a lot of that on Instagram and FaceBook. I feel as if I am duplicating my activity by then posting to this blog. So, I am going to give this a go and see what I can come up with to entertain you for a month. If you would like to know more about it, click here.

We had a great Thanksgiving with all our children and grandchildren in town. Mark, Jayme and the whirling dirvish 3 year old Paige stayed with us. It was fun to spend so much time with her. Jayme had to take very important medical boards yesterday and today so she spent a lot of the week-end studying and taking practice tests.


Here is a rare quiet moment while she watched Sesame St.


We took her to OMSI, a science and technology center with lots of interactive stuff for kids. She got to walk on a giant guitar in the guitar exhibit.


Paige and Scooter got along very well. Scooter wanted a turn on the iPad!

We had Thanksgiving at Lisa and Clay’s home. On Friday, we moved on to Steph’s home. She made us turkey and butternut squash enchiladas. On Saturday night, we took everyone out for pizza.


During the bedlam of the holiday, I tried to get me November assignment finished up for my Master Class. I love the color palette, but with the rush of finishing, I didn’t notice that my background columns had gotten askew before I quilted them down. I call this Christo’s Fence Redux.


As a reminder, here is the photo inspiration: