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A Hectic, Satisfying Day

Thursday, January 7th, 2016


When I took this quilt (without the tree) to my critique session last fall, the critic said it was not finished, it needed something else. I had always thought about putting a California Oak on it because you often see a lone Oak on the golden hills. I thought it might be too realistic for the overall tone of the quilt. But, today I did it. And, I am still not sure, but I sure love the tree.

I took off for the studio this morning to get this done. I cut a trunk.


I auditioned some green fabrics and ended up using this batik. I think it worked well.

I fused the tree together on a teflon sheet.


Then, I auditioned it in different spots on the landscape and fused it down.


I took it home and quilted it.

I also finished this little quilt. I scattered a few more leaves on it before I added the facing.


Tonight, we took the street car down to the Pearl to the opening of an art exhibit that 3 friends are in. I also retrieved my Blue Picasso Woman and brought it home. It has been traveling for a year and a half.


I took all 3 of these quilts to Kristin LaFlamme who is taking them to Seattle with her tomorrow to be photographed by Mark Frey, who is a great photographer of textiles and art objects. Kristin has a 3-D piece that needs to be photographed for a catalog for a SAQA exhibit at the Textile Museum, Migration Stories. Here she is photographing it in our condo hallway for a video she plans to make of it in various sites.


And so, I am feeling pretty good tonight. Got a lot accomplished. Tomorrow, I start an online dyeing class with Elizabeth Barton. While I was at the studio, I checked on my supplies. In this workshop she promises:

If you’ve never dyed before, this is the class to take. If you have taken a class but ended up feeling confused about the whole process, this is the class to take. If you have taken a class, and felt like it was all too much work, this is the class to take! If you have taken a class and had wimpy or muddy results, this is the class to take! If you have read about a class where you had to dye thousands of little square samples before you could even think about what you needed to make that quilt you have in mind, this is the class to take! If you want to be able to dye a reasonable approximation of any color you see anywhere, this is the class to take! In five lessons, I explain the process of hand dyeing in simple, safe, clear, easy to remember terms. We make enough dye concentrate in the first class to last us through the whole course – and beyond! You really don’t need to be mixing up dye every single time! There are only a few key factors to successful dyeing and I’ll explain them very clearly, so failure just simply is not an option! We will cover: dye mixing, gradation dyeing, pure versus mixed colors, how to derive your own recipes, how to dye neutrals and why you need them and the benefits of overdyeing. In the last class, working from a color inspiration source, we dye the fabric for your next quilt!



Day 31

Thursday, December 31st, 2015


I decided to go through my art making for the year. It really is helpful to see everything that I have done. Most was done for my master class with Elizabeth Barton. I am looking forward to moving on, doing my own thing in 2016. The above piece was done to illustrate the importance of value.


This  piece was meant to show movement. I hate it when I finished it, but now I am looking at it with new eyes.


I pieced this one to showcase lines. I was happy to see that I could draft something and piece it to size. It is currently in a show in Coos Bay.



These were done for Sacred Threads – a diptych of the 23rd Psalm, now traveling to other venues.


This was my out door installation at Trinity.


Ode to a Tree is traveling with the SAQA Oregon exhibit.


My biggest fail of the year. A good idea that I did not execute very well.


Done for the HFD show, but didn’t get in.

The following are my encasustic pieces which I love. I would love to be able to do more of these.








A sweet little piece I did for a book submission, but it did not get in. I like it, anyway!


This was one of my favorite pieces that I did for the master class.

View More:

This did not get into the SAQA show to which I submitted it. I took it to my crit group and our guest critiquer said it was not finished. I agree. I am going to add 1 or 3 oak trees.


I love this piece, too.


This was the last piece to get finished this year. I think it is quite special. I would like to make another, only larger.

So that is my year in review. Not bad, if I do say so.

Now on to 2016. Wishing all of you a wonderful and productive new year.

Finally, thank you to Cheryl Sleboda for the kick in the butt to get back to regular blogging.



Day 22

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015


Finished this. It was tricky because of the size and the silk. I would like to do this in a larger version. This is about 22 x 17. Maybe do it in cotton.

It is raining again. Our normal here in Portland. It is not our normal kind of rain, however. It is heavy and soaking.

Mr C, my good man, is helping to prepare and serve a Christmas meal to the folks who live in low income housing across the street from Trinity. Tomorrow, he will go back to Trinity and help serve the sit down hot lunch to our homeless and at risk folks.

We are going out to dinner tonight since we have both been working today.

Day 14

Monday, December 14th, 2015


Just a quick check in. I want to thank every one for your kind words regarding my post yesterday. I have had a relatively good day, despite the sun still hiding. I rode the exercycle for 20 minutes and then put on my brace and did some work around the house.

We took Scooter for a pretty good walk while I was in the brace and the sun almost tried to break through. At least, it stopped raining.

I got the lost edges quilt sandwiched. Here is the backing.


I am not thrilled with the quilting of the leaf areas. Not quite sure of the best technique except to do free motion scribbling!! I am doing straight line quilting on the background and did not want to add the tree trunks until the background quilting was done. I used a variegated thread that has all the colors so it contributes to the lost edges as it blends into the background. So I have added the trunks and some leaves over the tops of the trunk. So a good start.

Day 11

Friday, December 11th, 2015


I managed to get to my studio today after a bit of angst over not finding a parking spot. I get so irritated over the parking situation. The lot is for renters only and we have stickers to show we are valid. There are always cars there with no sticker. So, this morning I left and did some grocery shopping and came home in a snit. Mr C drove me back so I could work for a while then came back and picked me up.

This is a piece that I am doing to show the use of lost edges. It is taking me forever to cut little leaves for this row of trees. I think I am ready to start quilting. I want to quilt the leaves and the background before I add the trunks.

I am also making progress on this little sweater.


It has been so dark and dreary and rainy today. I am having a SADD episode due to lack of light. I think we are due for some sun over the next few days and I am looking forward to it.