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How to Print a Mosaic (or not)

Thursday, February 27th, 2014


Lesley Riley is the queen bee of The Printed Fabric Bee this month. She asked for a mosaic theme using yellow/orange, purple and fuchsia.

My original plan was to use potato dextrin spread on fabric to dry and crackle.


I did this once in a workshop and had some great results.


However, I think I did not spread the dextrin thickly enough so I did not get a good crackle. So I went to a backup of making a thermofax screen. My first screen was 4 inches square and since Lesley asked for a 12 x 12 inch finished piece, I could do three across and down. I am really missing the big padded print table that I have had since we moved here. I am working in a much smaller space and since I am a quite messy, I had several blips. So this is the first printing that I did. I used a pale turquoise fabric for the background


I dropped a splotch of yellow on the print and had to do a fix so I brushed more yellow, pink and purple across the piece. I kind of liked it. Then, I saw that I had put the fabric down on a splotch of yellow paint on the print table so the back looked very untidy. I had another problem, I needed to do a 6 inch piece for our give away. The four inch screen did not work for that so I made a new 3 inch screen. Here is what I printed. It is a darker turquoise. So, I printed another 12 inch piece using the 3 inch screen. That is up at the top. I think I will send them both to Lesley.


That reminds me, I just got all of my wonky lines pieces so I should photograph them so you can see what great pieces I got.

On another note, I am not going to get my piece finished for the master class. I was turning into a crazy lady because Mr C decided we would buy a new car this week. I will be driving it quite a bit so I had to be involved. Spending time with car salesmen is an interesting activity. Not one that I enjoy. We ended up buying a new Prius 5 which we will pick up tomorrow. I drove it this morning and really loved it. I picked sea glass pearl for the color.

We have interviewed one estate sale person. A second one is coming tomorrow. When will my life return to a semblance of normalcy, and what will that be like?

SAQA Auction

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013


The annual benefit auction for Studio Art Quilt Associates has been going on for a couple of weeks. I have been remiss for not blogging about it. I acquired this wonderful piece by Sherri McCauley during the first week. I  really love it. It has some wonderful surface design and the quilting is very creative. I also love the touch of color to enhance, but not overwhelm the design. Sherri lives in Texas and I was not familiar with her or her work, but I am so happy that I snagged this piece. Here is the back. You can see how creatively she quilted this. She has a very nice label, but I blurred her personal information.


My piece is going on the auction block tomorrow in the final group. You can find it in group 3a. I am a bit nervous because this is a departure from the work I have donated in the past. I have been honored to have my work purchased early in the bidding cycle. Here is my piece, which is one of my discharged silk and shrunk pieces. All of the pieces are 12 inches square.

Montanas y Lunas copy

Four other members of the 12 x 12 group have quilts in this group, you can see them all in a lovely blog post by Deborah on the Twelve blog.

My whirlwind of activity over the past month is winding down. I need and want to get some studio work done. Yesterday, I picked up the 20×12 quilts and 4 of my quilts in the High Fiber Diet Show from Quilt Expo. I did a little shopping the day before. I bought some pre-wound bobbins and titanium needles from Superior threads and this lovely handdyed fabric from my friend Maureen Schmidt from Santa Rosa, where we used to live.

The first bundle is titled Truffle.


This set is Eucalyptus – so gorgeous.


Fall arrived today and so did our fall weather. It rainy, cold and windy. I had to pull our warm clothes and wear socks – ugh! Lisa is flying into Portland tomorrow to spend a week with us. I am looking forward to spending some quality time with her.

That Was Fun!

Thursday, June 20th, 2013



I had a great time spending the day with Diane Hock, yesterday. We met downtown for lunch. Steph joined us and had to leave to take Mia to visit a friend. She is really busy this week with 3191Q project deadlines. It was a bit rainy and a bit sunny, but we enjoyed walking around the Pearl district and doing a bit of shopping. Our first stop was Blick Art where I bought a tube of Invisible Glove. Has anyone out there tried this. Supposedly, you can coat your hands with this before getting into paint, dyes and other stuff and it will wash right off.



I also bought some Dyna-flow paint, some time easels for tiny art and some drawing pens.

Our next stop was Cargo Imports. This store is a visual treat for the eyes. The photo at the top is of some Chinese furniture in wonderful colors. I found some beads for my 3×3 project.



They had just gotten in a shipment of wood printing blocks. I bought these two. They are really awesome, especially that large wavy one.





We also went to Mill Ends our near my house where I found a Vogue pattern that I have been looking for.

Our last stop was the Moreland Farmer’s Market where I bought salmon and fresh veggies for dinner, some wonderful bread for Diane and Mr C and some raspberries for the freezer.

It was really great to get caught up with Diane and the happenings in my old guild and the art quilt group that I started and now has 40+ members. She left this morning for Port Townsend and then is going on to Victoria and then back to Oregon for further adventures before heading back to California.

I got the quilting done on the background of the red organza collage.



I added some of the red/black organza squares. I keep changing the layout.



I am now hand stitching them in place.



I have to keep working to reach all my goals. Life is good, but the weather is lousy. Fortunately, we only have to wait a bit for it to get better.

On a side note, my daughter Lisa, has an interview in the latest O magazine about her love of collecting. Proud of both of my daughters.

Conference Loot

Thursday, June 13th, 2013


Can you see my name in this fabric? Isn’t that cool? An SDA member from Houston made this for me in a workshop. She called me a while ago and was having a problem registering for the conference via her computer. I helped her and she wanted to thank me. I think this is so sweet. Her name is Peggy Sexton. She was one of our Texas volunteers, helping in hospitality and other ways. The Texas contingent of SDA members were fantastic and so welcoming.

At the conference, SDA holds a silent auction. There were some really awesome things available – big ticket items. I bid on some of the smaller items  and won a pack of beautiful hand-dyed and printed silk art cloth.



I particularly like this piece.



I also had the winning bid for Elin Noble’s book.



One of the vendors was Kristy Kun of Opulent Fibers here in Portland. I bought a large piece of red pre-felt as I want to do a shrinky dink red quilt.



Another vendor was Stencil Girl. I have several friends who have done artwork for them. He told me that one of their most popular artists is Terri Stegmiller, one of the Twelves. I bought some small simple stencils for my friends in the STASH group. We had our monthly get-together today so I gave theme each one with some wash away pencil markers that another vendor was selling.



I also placed an order with Thai/Exotic silks that arrived in the mail today. I have the supplies I need to get to work. I am feeling quite exhausted, but still very happy. I need to get to work in my studio — I know that once I get busy, the creativity will come. In the morning, we are going to Miles’ 5th grade graduation ceremony, then I can come home and get to work.

Want to see something really cute? Click this link to see a video of adorable Paige enjoying her first beach vacation.

Restrained Frenzy

Sunday, May 26th, 2013



Yes, I am really trying to stay calm in the face of all I have to get done by Tuesday afternoon. I just realized that I had neglected to gather my supplies for Kerr Grabowski’s design workshop. I think I have most of the stuff I need, but she said to bring as many paint chips as we could so I need to make a little trip to take care of that.

I had looked in vain for the right jewelry to wear with my dress to the wedding. Today, we took a trip to downtown Portland as I wanted to look in the Everything Silver shop in Pioneer Square. They didn’t have just what I wanted and we wandered into a funky little shop called, Katmandu, run by a young hippy couple – so adorable were they. I got this necklace, which was made in Afghanistan. Love it. I also got these earrings which were made in Nepal.



The colors in the photos are not quite true, but they look great with my dress.

On Saturday, we went to the AT&T store and upgraded our phones. I now have and iPhone 5, which I love. Mr C had a 4s. We have been having fun with Siri. I got a wild Otter case for mine.



I spent yesterday and this afternoon, designing and printing name badges for the conference. I will get them shipped to San Antonio on Tuesday morning before we leave Portland. I had to have pre and post conference workshop badges, conference badges, vendor badges and day passes. I still have to finish stuffing them into the plastic cases.




This morning, I had my last Sunday School participation. We had an end of the year party and celebrated Trinity Sunday. The kids got to decorate Trinity cookies.


I probably won’t post much over the next week. I am getting so excited to see the family from near and far, my little Paige, all of Lisa’s friends, Clay’s family and then I get to head to San Antonio for a fantastic fiber week. I am so blessed.

I have to end with this bit. The young Moms I work with in Sunday School could not believe my age and wondered my secret. I told them it is sun screen, hair dye and good attitude.