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Monday Creative Blog Tour

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Rayna Gilman tagged me to participate in this tour around to discover how others create.

What am I working on?

Right now, I am finishing up two large quilts that will be entered in my local fiberarts guild upcoming show, What’s Blue to You? I have to do the mundane work of sleeves and labels and traveling bags, just in case they get in.

I went off on a bit of a tangent with my two pieces. When I was a child, my grandmother used the term sky blue pink quite often – simetimes to describe the colors in the sky and sometimes just for fun. I had several pieces of fabric that had been snow dyed and dyed in a class I took with Judy Robinson that reminded me of sky blue pink. I made a collage of them and made a piece of hand stitched cheesecloth the centerpiece. It seemed unfinished until I added some fused flying geese. It is called Flight Through Sky Blue Pink.


Here is a detail of the cheesecloth and flying geese.



The other is an enlargement of my Picasso Woman. I made an etching of this years ago. Recreating her in this large format was a major undertaking. I dyed blue fabric and printed blue fabric with copper highlights for her hair. She is now Blue Picasso Woman.

These are both quite large – 2 ft by 5 ft.
How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Since the work I do comes out of my crazy brain, I hope it is unique. I rarely use commercial fabric. I start with a blank slate of white fabric and then paint, print or dye to create what I want. Some times I create fabric for a piece and sometimes, a piece of dyed fabric tells me what it wants to be. I do not do much piecing. I love the freedom of fusing fabric. It is much freer and more painterly that when pieced – at least for me.

Why do I write/create what I do?

I recently went through downsizing and moving to a condo. I had to give up studio work during that time – about 6 months. When I got set up in my new studio and sewing area at our home, I was so happy. It made me realize how critical a creative life is to my well-being. I love fabric. I love how I can manipulate it, add new surfaces to it and stitch on it.

How does your writing/creative process work?

I often work on projects in what seems like a last minute kind of way. But I do a lot of my process work in my head, thinking about it on walks, when falling asleep and when waking up. I sometimes make sketches, but more often than not, I love just throwing fabric at the design wall, shifting and folding as I come up with a composition.

I recently wrote a new artist statement. In part, it says:

I spend my day observing and photographing the sublime and the quirky scenes around me — a shadow on the deck, a group of trees, the graffiti on a building, architectural details or the juxtaposition of shapes. These scenes become inspiration for the textile art that I create. I distill the scene down to the essential elements, often in abstract form. I love the serendipity of transforming a piece of fabric with paint or dye and using the resulting creations in my textile art.

I have tagged 2 artists for next Monday’s Creative Blog Tour.

Helen Conway was one of the Twelves in the 12 x12 collaboration. I have so enjoyed watching her growth as an artist. I think you will enjoy visiting her blog.

Susan Lenz is one of the most prolific fiber artists that I know. I was honored to be part of one of her past installations about choices we make.

I will try to remind you to visit these blogs next Monday.

Life in the Fast Lane

Thursday, July 10th, 2014


My life is full, fun and fantastic, but time gets away from me. The main reason I am a bit distracted this week is the visit from my two Oakland girls, Lisa and Clay and they brought Wilfredo!


Four adults and two dogs are getting along just fine in our condo. My son in law, Jack, has named it The Congdo! We have had such a good time with them, and they love our neighborhood. This week, Lisa is participating in an ICON conference and tonight is a meet and greet at the Portland Art Museum. She has her books to and some prints of her work to sell and examples of all the work she does. Saturday, she is doing a workshop session on the business of illustration.

Every one gathered here for the 4th of July. We had great food and it was fun to have every one here. We could watch fireworks from our windows. We had some great salads and kabobs.





These photos were taken by Steph for her 3191 blog.

I have been working frantically to get my two big quilts done for the High Fiber Diet “What’s Blue to You” exhibit.

Lisa took this photo of me with my blue picasso woman and posted it on Instagram.


I got 760 likes and 72 comments. The comments cracked me up.

This is the Sky Blue Pink quilt as of today. I think it might need something more. I am disappointed with the wonkiness of the bottom. Not sure what to do. The photo at the top is a detail shot of the hand stitching on the cheesecloth section.


Today was STASH day at Gale’s home. I just love spending a morning with my friends, chatting and eating. Reva brought her vintage t-shirt quilt At our next meeting, we are going to help her tie it. It is to unwieldy to do machine quilting.


So that is a bit of what I have been up to. The other part of my life is so left brained. I am helping SDA with membership and database issues on the website. There have been some problems with work done by some previous employees. We are slowly getting it under control. We have about 4000 members and people join and renew in various ways – phone, mail, and online. I get a real sense of satisfaction as I troubleshoot issues.


April Printed Fabric Bee – Art Nouveau

Friday, May 2nd, 2014


Jackie Lams was Queen Bee for April and challenged us with the theme of Art Nouveau. Here are the fabrics that you can add to your own stash. Just go on over to Jackie’s blog and leave a comment or leave a comment of our Printed Fabric Bee Blog.

I had another great day at my dye workshop. Photos will probably have to wait – too tired to do too much blogging tonight.


Thursday, December 12th, 2013


I love to make things. I don’t like to do production work, but I love to make a few things to give to friends. That is what I did last night. I followed the directions for Jamie Fingal’s Felted Flower Pincushions. She uses rectangle tins, but I am a devotee of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate triangles that come in round tins. I have been saving the tins to do something like this.

First, I lightly sanded the tins.


I used Washi tape to cover the sides. I love this tape with the scissors.


Here are some more photos of the ones I gave to my friends in STASH today at our Christmas lunch.



I used wool felt that I purchased at JoAnn’s. I threw in a hot wash and the dryer and it crinkles up nicely.

Processed with VSCOcam

I then cut one inch strips which I rolled together and stitched with a long needle and perle cotton.

Processed with VSCOcam

I am excited because tomorrow I am going to look at a possible studio that I can move into the first week in January!!

I finished sorting and ironing the Japanese fabrics today. I think I will be listing my fabrics for sale over the week-end or early next week.

Thanks for checking in!

More from the Archeological Dig

Thursday, November 14th, 2013


Part of the clean and purge is coming in contact with things that have been around you for so long that you forgot how special they are. One of the nice things about this office is the wainscoting with a little shelf on top. I have had all my mini fiber art pieces displayed there. I started picking them up and putting them in a box to go with me to the new studio. I can remember who made each one without looking on the back. These two are by Kristin La Flamme and Connie Rose.

I found this drawing of Lisa’s long gone rescue dog, Megan. I was taking a class with Lura Schwarz Smith and I was going to make an art quilt for her with Megan’s image. I think I did just her head. I will probably find it when I get to the studio next week.


I had a big pile of yarn. Most of it was put in a bag to donate to the Prayer Shawl ladies at Trinity. I saved this variegated yard. Love the colors in all of these.


I also boxed up all my magazines. I will offer these for sale at my studio sale and the leftovers will go to the Guild Silent Auction.


I thought I would share some of the other journal I found. The first page says: Journal of Visual Observations. It was started in October when we lived in Wilmington, NC – I don’t know what year or why I started this. I was active in the local art museum as a docent and took art classes there. Anyway, I was amused by what I wrote.

At the beach, ocean colors change from dark  blue green to a pale, pale blue green as the waves hit shore, Sky is deep blue that becomes softened near the horizon. Clouds on the horizon at first seem to be hues of gray and white but then become shades of purple and mauve.

The sand character is determined by several qualities – the water content – wetter sand is darker and very smooth. At the shoreline as the waves meet the sand, there is an ever changing effervescent quality – bubbles and water splashing, flashes of light, stones and shells pushed to a new location.

Sailboats are beautiful to us because of the graceful lines of the sales and the hull contrasted with the vertical lines of the mast and ropes.

Walking the dog on my street, I notice the man-made clutter that punctuates nature. Paint spill on the leaves of a shrub. Trash, a yellow paint line and red flags left by NCNG, Although unappealing, the artist can use this jarring juxtaposition as an attention grabber or to make a point. Art is not always beautiful.

Dawn – dark shadows change to splashes of sun light. Followed by dapled sunlight and then full sun. Sun is sometimes bright red whe it’s hazy. This week it is bright yellow.

6pm- Sun is setting. Airlie road is in shade. Sun is still shining across the waterway on the beach community. The light is beautiful reflecting off the beach cottages and water. “Glisten” After dark, lights are reflected in the water – reds, oranges, greens. Water was still – reflections were slightly rippled. A boat is passing by causing the reflections to fracture and become distorted.

There are a few more entries. Each entry became shorter. I obviously do not have the attention span to keep up with something like this, and, yet, I am a pretty faithful blogger. Guess I just need an audience!!

I will be taking a day off from sort and purge tomorrow. Mr C and I are driving down to Eugene for the Episcopal Diocese convention. I am manning the Trinity Arts table with the prospectus and entry form for our juried show in May.