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Not Resting on My Laurels

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015


I am trying to manage my life – my job, my art and my household duties. I spent time doing SDA work this morning and then went to the dentist to get my new night guard fitted. I got a quick trip in to Millends where I bought batting and hot pink cotton for the kid quilts. I have been cutting green sashing strips for one of them. Back at home, I walked Scooter, packed up the Christmas decor and then spent the afternoon working on SDA stuff. I am so excited because we have gone over our needed amount of money needed to keep going.

Tonight, I met a friend at Trinity where we made a proposal to the arts committee for a special exhibit next year. More about that later. We are still waiting for our proposal to make its way through channels.

I hoped to spend some time on this knitting project I am doing for my daughter in law, Clay. She saw the pattern at Dharma Trading and liked it and picked out some yarn. It is a fun pattern.


Tomorrow night, I am starting a 6 week drawing class at Trinity. One of our fine artists is teaching the classical method of drawing. We will be using charcoal. It is a multi-generational class so I am not going to be intimidated! I am looking forward to it.

Where Does the Time Go?

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014


My life has changed so much over the past few months. I no longer have a daily studio practice that I can blog about. My studio is too hot to spend time there right now. I also have taken on an extra job with Surface Design Association which requires a minimum of 15 hours a week on my computer. I really like the job and feel that I am helping to get our online database in good order. I know I can fit in some quality studio time when the weather gets cooler.

Tomorrow, we are heading down to San Francisco to spend some time with the adorable Paige and her Mom and Dad. Remember that sweater that I started oh so long ago. It took a back seat in my life when we were going through the downsizing and moving. I decided to finish it and take it with me. It has short sleeves so that is why it looks a little odd.  It is all done and washed and blocked and just needs a couple of buttons. My button supply is at the studio so I will stop in the morning and grab a couple and get it finished before we get there on Thursday.

I am excited to go to the American Craft Council show at Fort Mason on Saturday with Lisa and Clay. I hope to have lots of cool photos to show.

Last week, I went down to a church in Albany, Or to talk to 3 lovely ladies about doing a commission for them. Here is the wall where the quilt would go.


The round fiber art piece seems to be a glued collage. It has no stitching. The wall will stay that brownish color. You can see from the sanctuary that this neutral color scheme it their vibe.


I usually work with a more primary color scheme for my liturgical work so I was thinking, this is going to be a problem. I talked to them about what vision they have. They talked about something with rounded edges and sculptural or 3-D. Oh, oh – that would not be my thing at all. As I talked to them, I realized that what they wanted was something that did not have straight edges and had movement – I could do that. We talked about the mission of the church which is encapsulated in 3 words: Spirituality, Community and Justice. We talked about incorporating those ideas into the work, with symbols or scripture.

I was still worrying about colors when we went on a tour of the facilities and I saw this vestment hanging:


I knew I had found the color palette that would work. So, next, I will dye some color samples – I want to do this in silk and do some sketches and go back to meet with them in a couple of months.

So, that is what I have been up to.

I promise to check in from the City by the Bay!!

A Glimmer of Light at the End of the Tunnel

Monday, November 25th, 2013


Just keep moving, I tell myself. This is all the fabric that I have deemed of little use to me. Don’t worry, I still have plenty, especially the white prepared for dyeing kind!! Those bins contain commercial prints, batiks, some hand-dyes, dupioni silk, other silk, organza and vintage Japanese textiles. I have separated them into larger pieces and scraps. I think I will let people fill a larger bag with larger pieces for one price and a smaller bag with scraps for less money.

Today, I found so many items from a previous time when I attempted to do traditional quilting. These will be available.


I have these two storage units empty and they will be for sale.



I received word yesterday that this quilt was juried into the Oregon Exploring Layers show, debuting in February. That’s right – Walking with Scooter and Mr C.


The new quilt I entered in the show didn’t make it. I was a bit disappointed, but really, the leaves were a bit problematic for me so I may take them off and screen print new ones. I also think the photo of this may not do it justice. Actually, as I sit here and look at it, I see lots of problems!!


In the evenings, I have been working on the sweater for Paige. I just need to knit the sleeves and put it together. I was hoping to have it done for our trip this week, but it will probably not make it until Christmas.


On another note, The Fabric Bee will be contributing a pack of 10 printed fat quarters for Virginia Spiegel’s American Cancer Society fundraiser which she has titled Fiber 5K. There will be drawings for other great prizes, too. Click on the logo in my sidebar and it will take you to the page showing all the prizes donated to date. I will let you know when the race starts.


Not sure when I  will check in again. We are heading to California tomorrow. I am really looking forward to time with the CA peeps, especially the precious Paige.



Monday, August 26th, 2013


I finally got the blue moon quilt stitched to the pre-felt and ready to shrink. But, oops, it really shrunk. I should have tested a small piece of organza to know what was going to happen.

bluemoonshrunkThe blue pre-felt totally felted through to the front. I think this can be saved, but will not be what I imagined. I stretched it on my ironing table and blocked it by pinning it as I stretched it. I decided not to put it in the dryer.


Tomorrow, I am going to test a small piece of organza by just getting it wet and wringing it out and then put it in the dryer.

I think I will have time to do that. We have dinner guests, friends from our neighborhood so I have some cooking and cleaning to do. We enjoyed some time with the Portland contingent of family last night over pizza and ice cream.

Here is the progress on the chemo cap I am knitting. I am loving these colors. I have just 4 rows done on the pattern so it is hard to see how it will look. It is not just stockinette!


And Then the Lights Went Out

Sunday, August 25th, 2013


I had a fairly productive day yesterday. I took some photos to share and was ready to blog about my progress after dinner. In the middle of dinner prep, the lights went out. This is a rare occurrence. We have lived here for more than 7 years and we have had very few power interrupts. Apparently, a tree was down in the neighborhood. First it was to be back at 9 and then 11. We finally went to bed at 10:30. I think it came back on at 1:30 this morning.

Anyway, I went back to stitching the organza to the wool pre-felt. It has such a luxurious tactility. I just love touching it. This is why I work in textiles.


I think I can finish stitching it today and do the shrinking. The Barnes’ are coming over for pizza so I may not get totally done.

I also made a quick trip to Mill Ends to get some yarn to make a chemo hat for my friend Judy who starts chemo this week for breast cancer. She is so upbeat and positive about this whole experience — she makes me smile when I want to cry about it. I promised her a chartreuse hat and I found this yummy mohair:


But, in the end, she is such a colorful person, I had to go with this:


It is really soft. I think it will look great. I was going to start knitting last night, but that didn’t happen!!

While I was at Mill Ends, I saw this colorful burlap. Have been wondering what I could do with some of this.