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Summer Delights

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

That would be painting t-shirts, eating watermelon, shopping for take out dinner and taking a scooter walk — all with the company of M & M.

Is it possible that five and seven year olds have so much energy at the end of the day because they take yours? M & M came with their little suitcases, early this afternoon. I had prepared some t-shirts for them to paint with Tee-juice markers. Here is Mia working on hers:



Here is Miles’ creation. This must be a formal t-shirt — note the bow tie.


Mia was very interested in the fancy stitches that my Janome makes so I set her up with some fabric and showed her how to program it and away she went.


Later, we took a trip to New Seasons to get some take out food. Thankfully, Mr C came along to keep tabs on the munchkins while I bought food.

Watermelon was on the menu and enjoyed on the deck.


Here is Mia modeling her new tee-shirt. Front and back.



Here is the view from our deck in August. So cool and green. I love it.


They are now bathed and sound asleep, and I am starting to revive.

On a completely different note, this arrived in the mail today. It is a 12 inch square art quilt which I purchased from the SAQA auction.


It is by Elizabeth Fram. Click on her name to go to her website. I love her work. This piece was even better in person.