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Getting into the Swing of Life at Home

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009


Life with Scooter is very entertaining. He has been with us almost a month and now that he feels so at home with us, we love watching him being the doofus that he is. I am going to take him in for a poodle do for the summer. He seems to be very uncomfortable in the heat. After the sun goes down, he loves to play ball in the front yard or romp with other dogs on the Reed College front lawn.

I got a lot accomplished today, but tonight I am feeling the jet lag. I am going to try to stay up as late as possible. I unpacked and laundered my clothes, but I have no unpacked the other two bags which are in the basement waiting for me. I bought us some food for the next couple of days, walked the dogs, went to the farmer’s market, did some work in my Urban Farm and paid bills.

I am really happy with the progress of my Urban Farm while I was gone. I don’t expect a huge crop, but I do have raspberries.


This is part of the herb/lettuce bed.


There are actual baby pods with peas.


On the left are beans planted from seeds.


Look at the size of this tomato!!


I have a plethora of tomato plants with lots of blossoms.


Here is a baby eggplant – so cute.


And, an even cuter baby squash.


So, as you can see every thing thrived with out me. Here is another shot of the Scooter.