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Art Every Day 13

Friday, November 13th, 2009


Today, I persevered at the working with flux nonobjectively. Above, is the first assertive drawing. I place the 3 ft X 4 ft paper on the wall and then attack it with charcoal and crayon. I enjoy this part. Next, is the obliteration with white paint. I was working with lines and pods, today. All images are clickable.


Then, I went back in with charcoal and crayon – making more marks.


I added more paint and more charcoal. This was the final piece with a detail, following.



I did another, smaller piece. The first drawing:


The obliteration:


More drawing:


And the final piece after more paint and charcoal:


The next workshop in the book is objective drawing.

Look what I received in the mail yesterday. I was the recipient of this lovely postcard made by Dale Ann Potter when she did a drawing after reaching her 500th follower for her Facebook fan page.


We had a typical November day — rain, sunbreaks, and more rain. Mr C, Scooter and I got caught in a pretty good down pour this morning. My new umbrella from Lisa came in very handy.