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Another Opening, Another Show

Saturday, March 16th, 2013


I guess I lied when I said I would blog about the opening of our Elements show in Medford! I forgot to take the USB cord to download photos from my camera. The show looked fabulous. I was delighted to find my Sparks are Flying Quilt on this golden wall as you entered the main gallery. This was the first time that the Rogue Gallery has featured fiber art. It was quite a process, getting into the gallery, but worth it. I hope they will have us back with our next show.

We were so excited that a quilt sold last night!! Chris Brown’s Strata!





Here are some other shots. I get distracted at my own shows and forget to take photos.





These are shots of my four quilts.

Here is Terry Grant with her four quilts.






There was a small exhibit of Japanese woodblock prints in another room. The artist was demonstrating the printing.






Here is what the final print looked like after all the layers are printed. It was fun to watch him and engage him in conversation about his technique.

Driving back to the motel, we saw these incredibly beautiful black clouds in the Ashland sky.



Yesterday was beautiful for the 5 hour drive down, but today was miserably raining and then we got stuck in the middle of nowhere because of a traffic accident. We were in our car for over an hour – thank goodness for 3G and the iPad!!

I did some drive by shooting on the drive.



This one may become a thermofax screen.



Mr C has come down with some bug and took to his bed when we got home. I am watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower – with the following emotions – sad, mad, glad – so far.