Feeling Inspired



Today, I enticed Mr C to join me on an art date. I wanted to see the exhibit of prints by Japanese print maker, Toko Shinoda at the Japanese Garden. I was so engaged with these prints of simple geometric shapes and gestural marks. I have a love of lines moving through a piece of art. It occurs frequently in my work. The above piece is titled, Plenty, and costs $25,000 so it did not come home with me!! Here are some more examples of her work. She turns 100 this year.









This piece above, with the red square – gaaaa – I love it. I can see some pieces with organza done like this. So don’t be surprised if something like this shows up in my work.

It is always exciting to see Mt. Hood from the Japanese Garden. It was a beautiful sunny day with blue, blue skies so here is the view.



Here are some other sights from our day.













And these guys were everywhere. It was difficult not to trip over a tripod.




2 Responses to “Feeling Inspired”

  1. Jeannie says:

    Beautiful art! I am always so impressed by how a few geometric shapes and a gestural line or two can evoke such a strong reaction from me. I think that is why I have always loved Liz Berg’s artwork. My Great Aunt loved Oriental art and introduced me to it at a very young age. One of her favorite spots to go was the Japanese Gardens. It brings back so many fond memories of times spent there with her. Hoping your Sunday is as sunny and inspiring. Mt. Hood is so beautiful.

  2. Kristin L says:

    I look forward to seeing some Shinoda inspiration in your work! I think that first piece is really wonderful! Love the gesture of the lines with the solidity of the rectangles.