I was so excited to get down to the studio after church and lunch today. I was happy to have something fun to do. However, the stitching on this postcard is as far as I got and then my Janome went bonkers and started jamming. I think the timing is off or there is a problem with the bobbin case. My shop is open on Sunday, so I dropped it off. Hope it won’t take long to fix.

Here are the cards that I got fused and ready to stitch.



We have had two glorious and sunny fall days in the 70’s. It is ending tomorrow. Here are some photos I took today while we were out and about.


A really big spider web by our garage.


The lake on Reed College campus.


Yellow trees – a common fall color here in Oregon.

One Response to “Stalled”

  1. Judy says:

    Lovely photos of your beautiful corner of the world! You are farther along (not only politically!) with your seasonal change than we are. We have tons of leaves on the ground, but not a lot of color yet.

    Doesn’t it just aggravate the CRAP out of you when your machine decides to act up…and why is it always when you are in the mood to sew? (Well, I guess because otherwise you wouldn’t be using your machine! Duhhhh!)

    Hope you are feeling well!!