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Potpourri of Activities

Here I am, coming to you from my new IBook Photo Booth. I picked up the new computer yesterday and have been having getting familiar with the new things, like the photo booth – a camera in the laptop.

Yesterday afternoon, Mr C and I drove out to the country to cut our Noble Fir Christmas tree. We met the most delightful owner, who took us way out to the back forty where trees had not been cut and found us the perfect one. We also learned a lot about Christmas tree farming. We will go back there from now on. The tree is up with the new color lights, waiting for M & M to come and help me with the decorating.

This morning, I went to the quarterly Columbia Stitchery Guild meeting. We had a wonderful speaker who is an expert in Kumihimo, Japanese silk braiding. She gave a slide lecture on the history of the braids. We also had our annual silent auction. I scored this gorgeous scarf, made by Carol Heist. The photo was taken from the computer and does not do it justice.

I have been still getting the run around about the fabric. After two promises of a return phone call on the status of my order, today, I e-mailed them and said to cancel the order. Tonight, I got an e-mail saying it had been shipped and they would send me the tracking number tomorrow. Ha! I will believe that when I see it. In the meantime, I came up with another way to print large pieces of fabric that is working very well. I spray basting glue to a large sheet of poster board and then brayer fabric to it, trim and print.

I have been stuck on a piece that should have been very easy to do. Perhaps, I have been over-thinking it. I wanted a collage for the beginning of the show which would highlight “Pilgrimage.” I have played with lots of different images and different backgrounds. I wanted it to represent a page from my journal, so I decided I had to do some handwriting. I am not ecstatic about my final result, but I decided that I had to finish this tonight and move on. I did a few lines of machine stitching and am now hand stitching with some lovely hand-dyed perle cotton.

Here is a close-up.

5 Responses to “Potpourri of Activities”

  1. Judy says:

    love what you are doing with your Pilgrimage piece: very dreamy and journal-like
    and that scarf: it caught my eye immediately in your first pic! The colors are so wonderful and bright! It suits you to a tee!

    Good luck with your fabric order. I, for one, would think twice about ordering from them, after reading your posts.


  2. KathieB says:

    Nice picture of you and the scarf is gorgeous.

    Your trip to the Middle East keeps on giving to you–such fertile ground for inspiration.

  3. teri says:

    Love the picture. That scarf is you!

    Re: fabric- I JUST got an email from Lori in response to the email I sent to them 11-25. 16 days to respond!! Not a good way to run a business. I will still give them a shot after the holidays.

    Re: tree farms- isn’t it amazing how much work goes into it?? Who knew?

    The Middle East show is going to be spectacular. Please be sure to get plenty of pics so you can make a slide show for those of us on the other coast!!

    hugs, teri (thanks for bringing up the Photo Booth- finally used it today for the first time since setting up my iMac when it took a not very flattering pic of me before I knew what it was doing)

  4. Kristin L says:

    Great scarf!!

    The footprints on the pilgrimage piece speak a lot to me. I’m not convinced about the overall color, but that’s just me. How do all the pieces look together? I’m guessing that the color probably plays well with some of the other pieces…

  5. jenclair says:

    Love the color in the collage. And what a WOW scarf!