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Art Quilts XI: Stages, Cycles & Fits

I have spent so much time on the two commissions earlier this spring, that I have not had a chance to get much new work done that I can enter in shows. Last week was the deadline for the Art Quilts XI show at the Chandler Center for the Arts in Arizona, curated by Diane Howell. On a whim, I entered Mallory Brook, in the orientation suggested by my crit group. It was in a show in Marin County last fall, but it has not gotten in to any other shows. I sent in jpegs via e-mail and today got an e-mail from Diane saying it was juried in to the show. As a reminder, here it is in all its surface design glory:


I have not been good about replying to comments. I have been so busy. M & M were here over night and after pancakes and black berries, they went home. Then I had to walk Maggie and rush off to get my hair done – a nice new red color. Since all the artwork came off the walls while Steve painted, it was my job to get it back in place. This was no easy feat ?Ǩ remember my wall of crosses? He left the nails in, but I had to pull up the photo on my computer and begin putting them back. It was like doing a puzzle. Now I have to get packed to leave early in the morning for Seattle. Ta!

8 Responses to “Art Quilts XI: Stages, Cycles & Fits”

  1. Karoda says:

    Happy Anniversary and have a wonderful time!

  2. DebR says:

    Congrats, Gerrie! The Chandler is a really cool venue.

    Have fun in Seattle!

  3. Diane D. says:

    Yeah Gerrie! I hope you have a great time in Seattle.

  4. kathy says:

    I haven’t seen this quilt before. When I pulled up your post it was so stunning and beautiful, a wonderful treat. Congratulations on having it accepted into the show!

  5. Mary Manahan says:

    this is absolutely luscious!

  6. jenclair says:

    Congratulations! This is a beautiful quilt, and I’d love to see some detail shots.

  7. Judy says:

    Happy Anniversary and congrats on your quilt!
    Hope you’ve had a great time in Seattle! How many years???

  8. Fulvia says:

    Congratulations Gerrie–design glory indeed, it is beautiful!