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Spicy Beads

Yesterday, M and M came to spend the night. They started their visit with some chocolate mint Girl Scout cookies:



Later, we went to Stickers in Westmoreland for Asian food. Miles had Yakasoba noodles with pork, Mia had Teriyaki chicken and rice. Mr C and I had a delicious halibut with coconut curry sauce and rice. We started the meal with Chinese scallion cake and dipping sauce and Vietnamese salad spring rolls. It was a very eclectic Asian meal.

Yesterday, I was cleaning the laundry room which is also the entry to our house from the garage. It is a catchall for stuff coming and going. I had an old spice bottle rack stored there that I have not needed for a year. I was about to send it to Good Will when I had a brain storm. Why not use it for bead storage. So I washed it up. And M and M helped me start sorting my beads by color.


We had a few spills, but overall it was a fun activity. I have a good start on the sorting and they felt like they had done something to help me (and they did!)


I still have some empty bottles — which is good because I still have a lot of beads to sort. This will be so much more efficient than little boxes and bags of beads in a box.

This afternoon, Mr C and I attended a concert at the cathedral — Arthur Honegger’s Oratorio —King David. The music was very atonal, which I love. It was nice to still have daylight for taking Maggie on a walk around the neighborhood after the concert.

3 Responses to “Spicy Beads”

  1. Judy says:

    I have been missing my “Gerrie fix” over the past few days. Our internet has been very unreliable, and just when I finish reading my emails, it seems to go on the blink, and I don’t get to my blogs. This afternoon I feel blessed to finally catch up with you!
    The spice rack bead storage is a fabulous idea! All of my beads are in those little round stackable screw top plastic containers, screwed together in a basket, as it often goes with me to the condo.
    I really hope your back is better. That is so annoying and painful to boot!
    And oh how I agree with you about Hilary!!! Talk about dancing around the question! I had “words” with a parishoner at church the other week about our rector’s sermon on gay marriages (he sees nothing wrong with it in the church, but the diocese still hasn’t progressed that far). The parishoner is threatening to leave the church and asked for my support…I couldn’t give it to her, so she turned on her heel and walked away. She has not spoken to me since and looks right through me! I wonder how she can go to church, but then I’ve heard that churches are hospitals for sinners, and I certainly wouldn’t be the first one to cast a stone!!
    Well, that’s enough ranting on my end for one day!!
    TJs opens in one week….I cannot wait!!!
    xo and take care of that back!!!

  2. Deborah says:

    Claire loves to sort! Not only is the new storage system useful — it’s so pretty too!

  3. Diane D. says:

    Gerrie – everyday I stop by, start to comment, and get interrupted by a child – ack! Anyway, looks like you had great fun with the kids (as always) – they’re very lucky to have you as their Grandma. You’ve certainly made me wish we had a Trader Joe’s closer than 25 miles away, I loved your new piece a few posts back, and I now have a whole crowd of crocuses so we’re catching up to you. Have a wonderful day!