A Busy Week-end

So what has transpired since I last posted? I finally am feeling normal after my pesky virus attack. I got my hair cut and the color freshened – that made me feel better.

I got a rejection letter from Quilts=Art=Quilts. I was disappointed because I really like that show. I was in it two  years ago. I know that shows like this one are very dependent on what the jurors are looking for and I think it will be a more abstract show this year. Anyway, I have two quilts to enter in other shows.

Last night we had a wonderful Eucharist at Trinity to celebrate the harvest season. It was set to the music of Neil Young and was very inspiring. I may be in my 70s, but I am not stodgy about changing things up.

You may be wondering what that photo up there is. Well, it is a rusty pipe that Mr C saved for me when he tore up the old irrigation system in our front yard. The theme for the next Twelve x Twelve colorplay is rust and blue green.

I thought I would try doing some shibori rust dyeing with the pole up there. So I soaked some silk fabric in vinegar and water and wrapped it around the pole. Then I sprinkled it with salt and wrapped it in plastic. Now, I wait.

I am almost finished with Allegro. It is all basted. I just need to do the final stitching of the pockets and trim the seams. It is going to be a difficult piece to  photograph because of the transparency of the organza. Here is a detail.

We have been having strange weather. Long, warm sun breaks and rainy downpours. The temps have been mild so it is easy to take. Hope you had a good week-end, too.

5 Responses to “A Busy Week-end”

  1. Carol says:

    The shibori rust dyeing sure sounds fun. Bummer about the show. I never really considered that quilting is so much like writing. I am learning lots. ;D
    Happy Days!

  2. Francoise says:

    Too bad your quilt was rejected.
    I can’t wait to see the shibori piece. I hope to start working on my 12×12 quilt this week too.

  3. Janice says:

    What! Your in your 70’s? No way, when I met you a year and a half ago I would have placed you in your early 60’s, just reaching retirement age from the regular work force. Love the Allego piece. Enjoy every glimse of sun.

  4. Rejections always take the wind out of our sails. I am still trying to bounce back form a big rejection that I simply do not understand!!!
    I am entralled with your rust pole wrapping can’t wiat tosee the big Reveal!!! I do so miss your part of the world- this fall we are desperate for rain here in VA wish some of your rain could make it over the mountains!!!

  5. Karen Rips says:

    I was rejected from that show last time and it bothered me too, not sure why. I am rusting some fabric for the new challenge also, I wonder how many of us are using that technique!