Twelve X 12 – Where Are They Now?

September 4th, 2016


We are coming up on the 9 year anniversary of the start of our amazing journey together. Brenda made this collage of us with our book when it first came out. Amazingly you can still find it in book stores.

We are doing posts for the next 12 days on where are they now? So be sure to check in to the Twelve Blog.

Mr C and I are taking off for a little trip to Central Oregon, staying in a B & B in Bend to celebrate our 52 years of wedded bliss.


Good Days and Bad Days

September 1st, 2016


I have made a remarkable surgery recovery when it comes to my knee, but this old body is not returning to the pre-knee problems energy level. I have days when I just don’t feel like doing more that I have to do. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to push myself and get past the fear of possible knee pain. I was able to do close to 8000 steps a day for a week and then this week, I crashed. I am exhausted and on top of that I am having insomnia. It is very depressing. I have a hard time even thinking about being creative.

So, I have avoided blogging, but decided to post some of the positive things I have done since coming back from NY.

I went to STASH meeting and Reva had arranged for an artist friend to come and guide us through painting with acrylic ink. It was lots of fun. The piece up at the top was torn tissue paper that was collaged and then outlined with black ink.


This piece was torn water color paper collaged on a watercolor board and painted with acrylic ink.


She played music for the last two pieces – this one was a jazz piece.


This was done listening to a classical piece.

Here is our art drying on Reva’s deck while we had a delicious lunch.


The next week, I hosted a tour of my studio for area SAQA members. It was fun to show them what can be done in a rather small space.

The most exciting event was a mini Twelve X 12 reunion. Helen, from England was here and Deborah flew up from Texas ans stayd with Kristin. We all went out to dinner and came back to The Congdo for home-made salted caramel ice cream. Here we are, photobombed by Scooter.


I had a piece of silk that was soaked in soda ash before my surgery that I never dyed so I threw some dye on it before it got ruined.


Clay’s mom came from Georgia for a visit and had a great time. One afternoon, Clay, Diane and I went for a boat cruise on the Wilamette. Here we are on our deck one evening.



Last week-end, Mr C and I went to the annual Dahlia festival in Canby. I never knew there were so many varieties and colors.


So, that is what I have been up to. Our 52nd anniversary is on the fifth so we are taking off for a little trip to Bend and Sisters for a couple of days. I will try to be more prompt in posting here. No promises.

Wordless Wednesday

August 31st, 2016


Trip to Upstate New York

August 12th, 2016


Last week, we flew to Syracuse, NY so that I could attend my 60th high school reunion and touch base with my family. This photo was taken on our first night there. My sister lives on Little York Lake and we took their pontoon boat out for a sunset cruise.

The next day, I met up with 6 of my bff’s from high school for a cruise on the mail boat on Skaneatlas Lake. It was a small boat with tables and chairs so that we could have our lunch. It was fun to watch the delivery of mail to cottages along the lake. The girls at this camp come out and do a dance for their mail.



After the boat cruise, my sister and I headed to Auburn so that I could check out the SDA exhibit, Transgressing Traditions, at the Schweinfurth Art Center. I took photos of some of my favorite pieces. The exhibit consisted of very avant garde art pieces. I loved looking at each one and marveling at the creativity that went into the making of them.


This piece was not so innovative as it was beautiful, layers of printing by Elizabeth Odiorne. Here is a detail:


This piece by Diane Siebels was copiously hand stitched. I forgot to write down the title.


Here is a detail:


This wonderful piece is by Amy Meisner, called Inheritance. She used abandoned needlepoint, vintage doilies, cotton velvet, silk organza, wool. Click any image to see larger.


I have no idea who did this whimsical piece with pins, needles and safety pins.


I am a huge fan of Judith Content’s shibori kimonos so I had to have my photo taken with it.


This piece by Georgia Roswell is made from strips of discarded textiles. See the detail for a better idea of the construction.



I loved the graphic quality of this piece. It is all computer generated and printed on polyester and quilted!! By Russ Little.


This piece is so lovely and so organic. It is by Andrea Huffman and consists of  variety of textiles and is hand stitched.



There is so much more to see in this exhibit. Click Here for a link to a video of the show.

Continuing with my trip! On Saturday, my little high school class had a picnic. There were 36 in my class in a very rural town in upstate New York. Here are the 17 of us who attended.

_DSC7628 (1)

On Sunday, my sister and brother-in-law hosted a family gathering. Jim made us a fantastic feast of clams, lobster tail, shrimp, kielbasa,  potatoes and corn. So delicious.


We got home on Monday but I have been busy catching up.

Radical Embroidery

July 30th, 2016


I signed up to take Radical Embroidery at Oregon College of Art and Craft. It was a 3 day workshop. It turned out to be not that radical, but I learned a lot about using embroidery as an art form. The instructor was a delightful young woman from the CA bay area, Victoria May. Her website is here. Her work is a bit radical as she has a fondness for the gritty and industrial debris that she finds in her travels. I think that adding delicate embroidery to these found objects serves to confound the viewer.

On the first day, we learned different ways to create line in our work. The piece at the beginning of this post is my sampler. We used Dynaflow paint on canvas to  begin our work. Then I added lines in various ways. We used organza in our work. For this line, I painted organza which I tore into strips and couched down. I really like the effect.


The next day, we moved on to working with painted organza layered on canvas and we were to capture some things between the layers.

IMG_2289 (1)

I had some previously quilted rusted silk which I cut into rectangles. Two pieces are under the organza and the middle one is on top. I am in the process of stitching the quilted silk pieces down. Then, I will add some interesting stitching to the rest of the piece. I am thinking of adding a bit of rust to this in some way.

Then we were introduced to stitching on water color paper. The trick here is to pre-punch your stitching holes with a needle or awl. For my piece, I stained the water color paper with acrylic ink and got some interesting effects by blow drying it. Click on any photo to see it larger.



I am in the process of stitching with variegated thread, following the design created by the ink.

On the last day, I had an idea that I just had to work on using some of the materials that I brought.

First, I painted the canvas with indigo Dynaflow paint. I forgot to get a photo before I started stitching, but you can get an idea from this photo.


I had some indigo fabric with clamped circles. I cut out three circles for the composition. I also had a dark blue shibori organza which has black lines in it. And I also had a piece of Rymplecoth that my friend, Maris, gave me. It is more loosely woven than cheesecloth and is used for cleaning and polishing. She uses it in her felting. I dyed it a dark black. It takes the dye really well.

I used strips of the organza as I wanted some of the painted canvas to show to give a better value change. I ripped some holes in the Rymplecloth so that the organza can poke through.

IMG_2292 (1)

The top circle is on top of the organza and is couched down and stitched with silver metallic thread.


The other circles are under organza and stitched with the silver thread. I have started doing some stitching on the organza and canvas and then I will tack the Rymple cloth down.


Here is the final layout which looks a bit messy, but I think I know where I am going.


I was feeling a bit overwhelmed earlier this week and wishing my recovery was moving faster. Yesterday, I had Mr C  help me get my sewing machine table back where I use it and pulled the Janome up out of hiding. It made me so happy, I almost danced. I think it is a symbol for the life I want to live and now, I am feeling so much better and have been doing better. I think I turned a corner.


All I did was shorten some clothes, but it felt good. My knee didn’t like the knee lift, but that will get better.