Back Home and Busy

May 22nd, 2015


We arrived home on Wednesday, mid-day, just in time to get my self organized to teach another art quilt class at Trinity. I am so proud of my students, who range in age from 8 to 70. Wednesday night, I introduced them to the serenity of slow cloth. We sat and did hand stitching on our little art quilts. Here are some examples of what they are doing. The piece above is done by my oldest student. We had to do some engineering to get the elements off the space to be sturdy.


Adea is a budding abstract artist. Love the colors that she is using.

student work 6

This piece is the four seasons.


Her Mom is doing a wonderful still life.


This is my youngest student. She has a lot of stitching to do; I hope she can stick with it and finish.


This piece was started by  the Dad of the family and is getting finished by Mom. It is an homage to their camping experiences.


This is a bit blurry, but the daughter in this family is doing a beautiful multi-colored leaf tree.


A fun landscape by her Mom.

Here are some photos from Jayme’s graduation. It was a very exciting evening. She graduated with an MD with distinction.




This is a very blurry photo of Mark and Paige hooding Jayme.


It was a great few days in the bay area with Mark, Jayme, Paige and Jayme’s family.

Checking in With Some Fun Stuff

May 18th, 2015


Friday night was the opening night for the Wrinkle in Time Art’s Festival at Trinity. Work that was made in the series of art classes over the last few months was on display. Here is some work from the screen printing class. My magenta and black piece is in the top middle.


These were work down in the Reduction Printing class. My piece is on the bottom left.


And here are my ceramic pears from the clay class. I have a lot to learn about glazes.

Here is some work from my art quilt class. These pieces are fused down, but not much stitching has been done.


The lighting on this panel made it difficult to photograph. I am so pleased with work and the originality.


Here is my Moonstruck piece hanging in the exhibit in Kempton Hall. The spotlight made it difficult to photograph. I got lots of nice comments about it.


We had to miss many of the festivities over the week-end because we left on Saturday morning to fly to San Francisco to celebrate Jayme’s graduation from UCSF med school.

On Saturday, we were thrilled to have Paige hang out with us. We took her to the park near their new home in San Mateo.

paige at park

Yesterday, we had a big party to celebrate with Jayme’s family and friends. Since they only moved in two weeks ago, there was much to do to get the house and backyard ready. Mr C and I did all the food shopping. By the time we got home, it was time to start cooking for the 4:00 party.

Here are some shots from the party:


Their new home has a wonderful big back yard. The weather was in the 60s, but we all enjoyed being outside, anyway.


My son, slicing the tri-tip that he grilled.


Here is the beautiful guest of honor, who worked as hard as any one to put on the party.


Here is Paige with her buddy Clark. The quilt I made her is on her bed.


What a little beauty she is!


Love this photo of Paige and two of the boys from her old neighborhood.

Today is a down day of just hanging out with Jayme and her family. Tomorrow night is her graduation. That will be an exciting event.


Printed Fabric Bee Winner

May 15th, 2015


I did a randomly generated number today and came up with 5. Starting with comments on my blog, the winner is Annette Deardurff. Send me your snail mail address to gerrie at and I will send the collection to you after I return from a quick trip to CA.

Printed Fabric Bee Goodies

May 14th, 2015


It is good to be queen! Here are the fabrics I have received so far. Left to right: Jackie Lams, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Deborah Massie Boschert, Lynn Krawczyk, Lynda Heines and Carol R. Eaton! Tomorrow, I will be drawing a name for the winner of this very cool collection of fabrics. Last chance to leave a comment here or on the Printed Fabric Bee Blog.

Decision Time

May 12th, 2015



This month for the master class, we are doing landscapes. Our assignment was to find or take 3 landscape photos and distill them down and change the arrangement and create 3 sketches. Above is a photo looking up at the cathedral grove of Redwoods in John Muir park in CA.


This is a photo of a stand of Aspens that I took at Black Butte Ranch in Central Oregon.


And these are Joshua Trees taken in Southern CA in Joshua Tree National Park. (I love trees.)

Here are my sketches which still need to be tweaked.




E liked all of them. She usually points me in a direction, but this time, she left if up to me to chose. Lisa and Clay think I should try the Redwood piece. The sketch is very unfinished because drawing all those branches and needles – couldn’t do that. If I do this one, I am thinking of doing the confetti technique where small pieces of fabric are captured under tulle and stitched.

Do you have an opinion? Let me know.

Lisa had a “moment” on NBC nightly news last night. She was interviewed about the coloring books she designs for adults. They posted the whole taped segment with her on their facebook page. Click here to watch.