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Thursday This and That

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Not much excitement around here today. I vacuumed packed 5 pints of berries for the freezer this morning. I actually spent most of the morning photographing quilts to burn to a CD to make a magazine deadline. I was contacted earlier this month and asked to send in high quality photos of some of my work. Not sure if it will be a feature article or included in a theme article or maybe nothing at all. It is nice to have been asked!

I found out this morning that all 4 of my element’s quilts were juried into the High Fiber Diet show which makes its debut in September. That was nice to hear. I was surprised that there were so few entries this year, but I think it will be a good show.

One of my blog readers asked for more information about our hanging system. Our show goes to more galleries than to quilt shows so we need to be able to hang them with whatever gallery system they have. Sometimes, the hanging system has wires on two sides. Sometimes, there is one hanger and the quilt needs to hang in the center.

We use a lath or wood slat cut to the length of the sleeve. Screw eyes are attached to the top edge of each end.

Here it is in the sleeve with a wire attached. For the two part hanging system, the screw eyes can be used.

When the quilt needs to be hung from the middle, we attach the wire to the wood, through the sleeve, with staples. Then, the quilt can be hung from the wire without the wire showing above the quilt.

I hope this makes sense!

I have been a bit distracted as I have been watching Season 10 Project Runway. Looks to be an interesting season.

Show and Tell

Friday, February 4th, 2011

When I made the first piece like this (Sunset), it was pretty much trial and error. Since it was for the Twelve X Twelve challenge, I had to make sure it fit into that space. When I made the second piece, Allegro, I did not plan it as well. I decided to make the pockets a different size. I was not as meticulous about the piecing and the layout. Now that I am working on the third piece, I am realizing the mistakes that I made. I think I will take it apart and redo it.

Anyway, I thought I would share how I am doing this one. The first row of pockets is stitched two inches from the bottom.

After that each row is attached one and a half inches above the last row of stitches. I draw a chalk line on the background as in the first photo.

I then make a chalk line on each organza pocket, two inches from the bottom.

I line up the pocket chalk lines with the chalk line on the background and pin in place, overlapping about one quarter inch.

Each row of pockets is overlapped in the opposite direction from the preceding row. I neglected to do that on the Allegro piece — I think it made a difference. After the row of pockets is pinned in place, I do a row of satin stitching over the chalk line and trim the organza close to the stitching. I have not trimmed, yet, in this photo.

So, I got a few more rows done on this. I really have been futzing around too much and not having a good studio work ethic. I don’t know why! Winter doldrums, maybe.

Stephanie is leaving for Savannah on Sunday for a week to do a photo shoot. I can’t tell you for whom, but it is a very exciting venture for her. We will be helping Jack with M & M, but he is such a great dad, I don’t think we will be on call too often.

Have a good week-end.