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This and That

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

I didn’t get much creative work done over the week-end. I spent quite a bit of time finishing some SDA website database work. Mia and Miles came over on Saturday to spend some time. Steph was in Maine working on 3191 stuff with Maria and I wanted to give Jack a bit of a break. I made dinner for every one. Her flight from Maine this morning was cancelled. She was supposed to be home at noon. Her later flight is getting her in closer to midnight. I picked the kids up from school so that Jack could get a full day of work in. Steve is going to pick up Steph at the airport tonight. Tomorrow, every thing will be back to normal in Portland!!

Yesterday, I did do some watercolor painting on my Haiku book pages and then printed a Haiku on each page.

I put some Scooter paw prints on his page.

That was fun.

I got some wonderful news today that Allegro, the piece that I recently reworked, was accepted into Art Quilts Year XVI: Something to Say at the Visions Art Gallery in Chandler, AZ. I think this is the third or fourth year I have gotten into this show. It is one of the truly art quilt shows with lots of innovative work.

Goal Met and a Fun Class

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

I finished the quilt for the SAQA Oregon juried show. It is photographed and the cd and entry form are ready to overnight to Eugene tomorrow. I will post a photo of the finished quilt tomorrow.

The photo I have posted up there is of a Haiku book that I made in a class tonight at Trinity. I have not written any Haiku in it yet. I have never really tried to write a Haiku and I am going to challenge myself to do it.

Here is the process:

We covered the front and back covers with decorative paper. Next, we tore watercolor paper into pieces to fit in the book.

We then drilled holes through the covers and the papers. We strung leather ties through the holes.

We tied pieces of wood to the ends of the leather to keep it from slipping loose.

There were some high school and middle school kids in the class with us. They had printed paper earlier in their other art class and some brought theirs in to use for their books. Here is one done by a kid who is brilliant and has just decided to major in art. The other papers are an assortment that we got to select from for our books.

Next week we are doing a more complicated book with holes cut in the pages to reveal pictures. I have to come up with a theme and get some photos printed.

Tomorrow morning is my second cataract surgery. Can’t wait to have both eyes seeing true colors!!