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Printed Fabric Bee Winner

Friday, May 15th, 2015


I did a randomly generated number today and came up with 5. Starting with comments on my blog, the winner is Annette Deardurff. Send me your snail mail address to gerrie at gericondesigns.com and I will send the collection to you after I return from a quick trip to CA.

Printed Fabric Bee Goodies

Thursday, May 14th, 2015


It is good to be queen! Here are the fabrics I have received so far. Left to right: Jackie Lams, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Deborah Massie Boschert, Lynn Krawczyk, Lynda Heines and Carol R. Eaton! Tomorrow, I will be drawing a name for the winner of this very cool collection of fabrics. Last chance to leave a comment here or on the Printed Fabric Bee Blog.

Printed Fabric Bee – April Edition

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015


I was Queen Bee this month and it was a good thing. I have been so busy I would have had a hard time printing fabric for someone else. I chose geometry as my theme and I can’t wait to see how my friends interpret this.¬† If you would like to win the giveaway set, leave a comment here on my blog and on the Printed Fabric Bee Blog. I will select a winner on May 15th. Good luck!

March Printed Fabric Bee – Mola

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015


Julie, the March Queen Bee, chose Mola as her theme and black, red and any other bright colors. Molas are a Panamanian form of reverse applique using many layers of fabric. So, the first challenge was interpreting embroidery in a print. I selected a simple design, which I shared in a previous post. My plan was to do a black outline on red fabric with a yellow or orange center.

I made thermofax screens and the registration went fairly well, but before I could finish printing, the screen fabric started disintegrating and leaving blobs. I came home and regrouped and printed my design on freezer paper and cut the stencil.

This is the black outline stencil.


And here is the stencil for the centers.


It is not bad, but it does not live up to my intention. I couldn’t find a yellow or orange paint that would cover the red and print stronger. The paper stencil began to fall apart and I ran out of red fabric, so I used the thermofax printed flower for the six inch giveaway piece.


Here is the mosaic showing the fabrics that were completed by the end of the month. Just couldn’t make it this month. Next month I am queen bee – whee! I get a month off and I get to have new fabric.


Go to Julie’s Blog or the Printed Fabric Bee Blog and leave comments for a chance to win the fabric collection.


January Printed Fabric Bee – Petroglyphs

Sunday, February 1st, 2015



Lynda Heines chose petroglyphs and a turquoise and orange color scheme. I wanted to stay away from the more well-known cave drawings. I did a search of Oregon Petroglyphs and came up with some unusual drawings. These are the photos I used:




I wanted some different sizes and line width to create more interest and these seemed to fit the bill. I played with them in photoshop and came up with these:




I made 3 thermofax screens and headed to the studio. I love how my print surface is looking after several months of Printed Fabric Bee printing!


I digress!

I selected a beigish (made up word?) hand-dye for the background. I printed the eyes first using a light brown paint.


Next, I printed over that with the skeletal drawings, using turquoise.


Then I added the bug like creature using a brick red paint. Here is the 6 inch piece I did for the giveaway.


That was fun. And now, you can leave a comment on Lynda’s blog post and on the Printed Fabric Bee Blog for a chance to win a collection of the fabrics we all made.

PFB 01-15