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The Celebrating is Winding Down.

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Steph made a delicious dinner last night. We had artichokes for dipping before dinner and beef stew with noodles and salad and bread for dinner. I picked out my own birthday cake at Baker and Spice, a bakery owned by the daughter of our friends, Cheryl and Dave. It was an almond cake with mascarpone frosting. It had 7 candles. Isn’t that a cute cake bearer? The cake was delicious.

I need to rewind back to Friday. I had been to critique group with Terry, June and Mary. When I arrived home, I found a pile of packages. Here is my embarrassment of riches.

Judy, one of the co-conspirators of my birthday blog, sent me one of her fabulous Complexitees. I stood in the kitchen, whipped off the top I was wearing and put this on.This is not a great photo, but you can see it on Judy’s blog, where she says it is for a sale at her church. Ha!! Thanks, Judy!!

In the next package, I found this wonderful little house quilt wall hanging from my doppelganger friend on Long Island, Dee. I just love the colors in this — brown, turquoise and lime green. This is going in my bedroom. Thank you, Dee!!

Last, was a box containing a multitude of delights for a fiber artist. It was from another of the co-conspirators, Jeanne, who does not have a blog. She lives up in Washington State. There was a fabulous, embellished felted bowl with beads and yarns and beautiful buttons. I thought about trying this as a hat because it is so cool!

There were gorgeous hand-dyes.

And vintage Japanese fabrics. These will all be put to good use. Thank you, Jeanne.

On Saturday, Mr C and I drove out to the Erath Vineyards for the Cellar Society tasting and picked up our wines for this quarter. It was a gorgeous drive. We could see Mt. Hood from way out on the Western Side. You can just barely see it, if you click on the photo, it is just left of center.

Here is a closer view. But, it is only half of the Mt. there on the left!! Ha!

OK, now here is a great shot taken on the drive home.

I love taking photos of the elusive mountain.

On Saturday night, Mr C took me out for a nice dinner.

Thank you to everyone for making my birthday special.

Second Thursday

Friday, October 10th, 2008

STASH stands for second Thursday at someone’s house. Sometimes, we actually meet then! Yesterday, we met at Gale’s new home. She has moved back from Astoria on the coast. She has a serious medical condition that requires drug infusions here in Portland. We are so happy to have her back in the hood!! Her home is perfect for a wheel-chair — one floor — with easy access to her beautiful backyard.

The group treated me to a really lovely birthday gift. This book of photographs of creches from all over the world. I love it.

Terry gave me this lovely lily and Gale gave me some roses from her new backyard.

I finally got around to giving Reva her gift from the APNQ show. She couldn’t go with us so I promised her a pressie. It was a half yard of this fabric. She said her husband thought it was hysterical.

Gale’s new home is near the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts (OCAC) where there is wonderful cafe. We went there for lunch. I couldn’t resist a photo of this fence in the parking lot. I don’t know about you, but I see quilt!!

I have to run; I have crit group in an hour and I am not even dressed.

Home from Seattle

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

I am back home, sitting on the sofa with Lisa, who arrived from SF this morning and spent the day with Mia. She is ripping quilting stitches from a baby quilt and tomorrow, I am going to give her a lesson in machine quilting. I will post photos!

We made one last trek to the APNQ show, had lunch at a street creperie and then took the bus home. I took new photos of some of my favorite quilts and mine, too. Here is a better shot oh how mine looked.

Look at this wonderful quilt done by Terry’s sister-in-law, from the pattern, Delft Tiles. She used a variety of black and white prints. She won third place in applique.


This beautiful applique quilt was done by friend, Virginia O’Donnell from Portland. It is title Little Brown Birds.

These two quilts were my favorites. The first is titled Warmth and was made by a Japanese woman as part of an exchange.

And this silk, with wonderful beading, which won and honorable mention. It is by Patricia Goffette.

Here are my crepes being prepared.

Mmm, good. Tomorrow, I will share my favorite purchases from the vendors.

In Seattle, No Quilts, Yet

Friday, August 8th, 2008

We had a lovely train ride from Portland to Seattle and a wild taxi ride from the station to our hotel where we met up with Gale and her sister from Las Vegas. Here are Linda and Terry on the train.

We made our way to the waterfront for dinner. I had a smoked halibut dinner and a Sam Adams. We sat at picnic tables and enjoyed the lovely Seattle evening.

Here are some sights from our evening. You can see them all at my Seattle APNQ Flickr site.

Gale’s sister, Judy, Linda, Terry, Gale

Terry and I are enjoying the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Tomorrow, there will be quilt content.

I Love Tsutsugaki

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

What, you say? More about that later. First things first. Breakfast at Coupe de Villa appears mysteriously on our porch every morning at about 7:30. Here is today’s offering — Charlotte’s version of the egg McMuffin.

After arriving at the Arts Center, I added a teal background to my second leaf piece. I tried to mix up a light shade, but as you can see, it was a little dark. Still, I am much happier with this piece. It is done on shantung organza.

I also stenciled the next two layers for the pomegranates.

For the large stencil, I stamped with a sponge around the edges, using a turkey red. In the centers, I sponged lighter shades of raspberry and raspberry mixed with poppy red.

Then, Akemi demonstrated the tsutsugaki. This is a tsutsu, a cone made from traditional Japanese stencil paper. It is soaked in water and a metal tip is inserted.

Then it is filled with color rice paste and used like a cake decorating tube.

I made these aspen trees with a tsutsu. I then stamped the trees with light gray.

The next step was to cover the trees with uncolored paste so that I can preserve the white as part of the tree trunks. Then I was able to stamp the remaining background without adding color to the trees. I goofed and used the potato resist on one of the trees. Tomorrow morning I will add a background piece and steam this. I can’t wait to see the result. This is the way I love to work!! No more fancy stencil cutting for me!!

Here are the pomegranates after steaming and washing. The first set are on silk noil.

These two panels were done together with organza on top and habotai underneath. I love how they look hanging together.

After class, we all went out for dinner at the new Thai restaurant. We had a great time and too much food.

We then walked to the home of Lisa who works for the Art Center, for dessert. Here is Akemi with camera in hand.

Here she is again, in Lisa’s beautiful garden

Oops! I forgot to post this. Here is the community stamping piece with a black background.

Boo hoo. Tomorrow is our last day. You can see all the photos that I took today on my Flickr Coupeville set.