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Ready to Crash

Monday, April 15th, 2013



We are home, arriving at lunch time. I had to hit the ground running as I have mucho work to get done — an updated report for the SDA conference, Guild newsletter and many e-mails to answer. I realized when I got home that I had left the power cord for my laptop in the hotel this morning. Even if I get them to mail it to me, I can’t wait. So off to the Apple store. I didn’t quite finish the guild newsletter. I hope to have a clearer head in the morning. Before I crash, I thought I would do a quick post.

So, back to Paige’s birthday. There she is up above on the morning of her party. She loves to be outside and she was waiting patiently for someone to take her.

We went to the backyard and played in the sandbox.



I decided it was a bit chilly so I went in and found a sweater for her. She continued to amuse herself and watched her daddy cleaning up the grill and the patio to get ready for the party.



Later, everyone got in the act of preparing food. Her Grammy Karyn made two cakes  — a gorgeous carrot cake for the adults and a healthy baby cake with no sugar for the kids. My son grilled pork loin. I prepared slaw and asparagus for grilling.


Here she is with her Daddy ready for guests.



Here is Paige enjoying her cake.



She is just learning to use utensils and often likes to have two of them.



Later, she opened all of her presents — sort of — she has not quite gotten the whole present opening excitement, yet.



Her parents gave her a shiny red piano. I have an hysterical video of her playing it.



It was a wonderful week-end with plenty of Paige time. I got to see Lisa and Clay’s new home in Oakland, and we also stopped by the venue for the wedding in Mill Valley on our way back to Oregon, yesterday.

I am gearing up for a month and a half of lots on my plate as I continue with SDA conference registration and helping with Artists Among Us at Trinity. I need to get some small works done for the Trinity show and sale. I need the balance of some creative work.

My heart is saddened over the bombings in Boston. I am sending out good thoughts and prayers to all the victims.

It’s In The Bag

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Oregon SAQA has specific requirements for the bag that holds our quilt when it is traveling in a SAQA show. It must be a muslin bag (no prints or plastic wrappings), with a velcro closure and no ties. It must have a plastic zip lock bag sewn to the outside and a label in the baggie which has a photo of the quilt and name, address, measurements, etc.)

I am delivering the quilt next week so I decided to get mine done today as I have some busy days ahead. I made the muslin bag a few inches longer than the quilt when it is rolled on a swim noodle and big enough in circumference so that the quilt will slip inside and out, easily.

I made French seams to prevent raveling when it is in use.

I stitched velcro to the open ends.


I should remember to stitch the plasic bag to the outside before I sew the seams as it is difficult enough to stitch on plastic as it is.

The curators do not like ties around the quilt so I fashioned some velcro closures to keep mine in place when it is rolled around the swim noodle.

Here it is holding the quilt around the noodle.

So, I am happy to have this done and ready to deliver.

I found this great little gizmo on Etsy when I was surfing for Christmas gifts. The Nikon camera I have, does not have a strap for the lens cover and so I am always misplacing it. This little gizmo  holds it when not on the camera and attaches to the camera strap. It is made from leather.


Good Things

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

I am really pleased with the discharge tests that I did today on two hand-dyed black fabrics. On the left are the pieces discharged with thiox. On the right, I discharged with chlorine. I am so excited because the color on the far right is exactly what I am looking for in the piece I have in mind. The two pieces on the left in each case are a cotton sateen dyed with Dharma’s Jet Black. You can see that they are a darker black. The pieces on the right were dyed by me using Prochem’s Cotton Black 602 A which has a very blueish tint.

I now have an author profile on Amazon. You can see it here. What a hoot! You can also get my blog delivered to your Kindle for a $1.99. That is an even bigger hoot!!

I bit the bullet and entered Allegro into the SAQA Beyond Comfort exhibit. I am number 55 so quite a few people have already uploaded images. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. This is my first time to enter a SAQA show.

We got our plane tickets today for our trip to Japan next year. We are leaving on March 19th and will be there for two weeks. I am so excited. Something really big to look forward to. I have wanted to make this trip for so long. There is still room in the tour. Here is a link: Saber Japan Tours. Jerry Saber, like my husband, worked for GE, and lived in Japan.  His wife is a textile artist.

I also sent two quilts off to Chandler, AZ for the Art Quilts XV Needleplay.

Here is my Fiber Sketch for today. It is a composition on a monoprinted background.

Luggage for Traveling Quilts

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Have you ever sent a quilt off to a show, only to have it return home without the bag you sent it in. Or have you ever hung a show and tried to keep track of the packing materials for each quilt.

My art quilt group is getting ready to send out our 2010 show, Bird’s Eye View. Each quilt will be in a special cloth bag with a label attached to the bag that has a photo of the quilt and contact information. Each quilt will have a hanging rod and again, we are asking that those be labeled for easy identification.

Today, I made bags for mine. I sewed a Ziploc bag to the outside of the bag. I printed the label with the photo and my address and put it in the Ziploc bag. Using the ziploc bag allows the bag to be reused for another quilt. I roll each quilt around a foam swim tube cut to the size of the quilt and stash it in the bag with the hanging rod.

I finished the quilting on Mother Lode. I am quite happy with the result. I have to trim it to size and attaching facings to finish. I have to do some major housecleaning tomorrow as I have the jurying committee for the show coming on Sunday.

M & M are spending the night. It is their Dad’s birthday tomorrow and Steph is treating him to a nice dinner sans children. We will all celebrate tomorrow.

We took them out for fusion Asian food tonight.

Good Riddance to a Bad Day

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Thank you to everyone who voted for which photo to send to the PAQA show. I was amused at how many of you thought the first picture was angry or scary. You should see me when I am really angry!! Here is the photo that I sent. I retook my picture today. I decided I wanted a solid top, in my favorite color and I actually did my hair and put on some makeup. I hope I am smiling enough for all of you.

I  have had one of those days where too many things have gone wrong!! I needed to ship the Fragments quilt to North Carolina today. I had to update my resume, print out a photo,  make some new business cards, fashion a rod per their instructions and make a new label. I also planned to go to the tile store to select my final colors for the bathroom tile and to pick up a supply of fruits and veggies at my fave organic store.

I couldn’t get a good print of my photo because one printer needs a new color cartridge and the other needed head cleaning. Got that done. I started to print my FedEx labels for shipping and return shipping. Since my last shipping, they have changed the layout and method of inputting data and printing a label. I could not get the d___ thing to print. I e-mailed help. I tried calling help, but Mr C was on the phone. Then as I was about to smash my monitor, I figured it out.

Last week, I received a shipment of boxes and self-stick sleeves for the labels. I could not find the box of sleeves. I looked in every room, every closet, in the garage, in the storage room in the basement. They are not to be found. So, in frustration, I used the clear tape dispenser which usually makes a mess.

By now it is quarter to five. I had to get to the FedEx drop off and get to the market. Forget the tile today. When I left the market, I must have dropped my wallet in the parking lot cause when I got home, my purse was very light. So back to the store in a panic. I saw the two guys who had pulled in next to me as I was leaving. They recognized me and asked if I had lost my wallet!!!! I could have given them both big kisses, but I probably would have frightened them to death. They had turned my wallet in to the store.

I came home and crashed with a glass of wine before I could think about making dinner. How was your day?