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Life in the Fast Lane

Thursday, July 10th, 2014


My life is full, fun and fantastic, but time gets away from me. The main reason I am a bit distracted this week is the visit from my two Oakland girls, Lisa and Clay and they brought Wilfredo!


Four adults and two dogs are getting along just fine in our condo. My son in law, Jack, has named it The Congdo! We have had such a good time with them, and they love our neighborhood. This week, Lisa is participating in an ICON conference and tonight is a meet and greet at the Portland Art Museum. She has her books to and some prints of her work to sell and examples of all the work she does. Saturday, she is doing a workshop session on the business of illustration.

Every one gathered here for the 4th of July. We had great food and it was fun to have every one here. We could watch fireworks from our windows. We had some great salads and kabobs.





These photos were taken by Steph for her 3191 blog.

I have been working frantically to get my two big quilts done for the High Fiber Diet “What’s Blue to You” exhibit.

Lisa took this photo of me with my blue picasso woman and posted it on Instagram.


I got 760 likes and 72 comments. The comments cracked me up.

This is the Sky Blue Pink quilt as of today. I think it might need something more. I am disappointed with the wonkiness of the bottom. Not sure what to do. The photo at the top is a detail shot of the hand stitching on the cheesecloth section.


Today was STASH day at Gale’s home. I just love spending a morning with my friends, chatting and eating. Reva brought her vintage t-shirt quilt At our next meeting, we are going to help her tie it. It is to unwieldy to do machine quilting.


So that is a bit of what I have been up to. The other part of my life is so left brained. I am helping SDA with membership and database issues on the website. There have been some problems with work done by some previous employees. We are slowly getting it under control. We have about 4000 members and people join and renew in various ways – phone, mail, and online. I get a real sense of satisfaction as I troubleshoot issues.


Keeping Busy!

Saturday, June 7th, 2014


This is my larger than life Picasso woman. The original file was rasterized and printed on 20 sheets of legal size paper. She is going to be one of my entries for the What’s Blue to You show. I originally created her as an etching when I lived in North Carolina, where I took a print making class.


I eventually made her in fabric.



I made a modern day version of her, as me.


So, now, I plan to turn her into blue Picasso woman, larger than life. I wanted to use a pale shade of blue for her face and neck and didn’t have a large enough piece so I quickly dyed some.


I was going to go out and buy batiks for the hair, but on second thought, I felt that I should print some fabric – some dark blue with orange red highlights. I used russet metallic paint.


I used my wavy wood block.



And sequin waste.


And a Stencil girl stencil.



I created patterns using freezer paper by tracing from the large print out. It will be relatively easy to do the eyes nose and mouth. My next decision is what to use for the background. I think I want to bring in some other colors for fun – maybe a Picassoish cubist background!!

I am having fun and learning how to work in my smaller space. I can not leave things out. Every thing has to be put away when I am done and moving to the next phase. When I took Judy Robinson’s class last month, I found a new clean up tool to have in the studio. Baby wipes, if used soon, will clean up dye and acrylic paint from your skin.


Last night, Mr C and I took the street car over the river to the venue for the High Fiber Diet show, Simply Red, which is at the Architectural Heritage Center. Here are a couple of scenes from the exhibit and reception.


You can see my moonstruck piece in this shot.


I have been doing lots of walking – yesterday, I walked to my studio and back home. I did over 8000 steps before lunch! In the afternoon, I got some training on the SDA website. I am going to start helping with membership stuff. It will add a few hours to my work load with them, but I think it is manageable.

That is all for now. Enjoy your weekend.


Window Seat @PDX

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Prairie Circles

I am so pleased to be part of a special exhibit at Portland International Airport.


Title:  Window Seat
Location:  Portland International Airport,  post-security Concourse A
Date:  April  2014 through October 2014
Subject: The exhibit is built around an essay written by Jim Earl, a literature professor at U of O. In the essay, Earl uses images taken from Google Earth to educate people about the land below them as they fly. Click Here to read the essay and see the images that he used.  For the exhibit, the quilts are next to text for which each is visually appropriate.
Since it is in an area past security, I suggested to Mr C that we need to go on a trip so that I can get in to see the exhibit!! After I read Mr Earl’s essay, I could see how well my Prairie Fields quilt worked with his essay and photos. Here are the other two art quilts in the exhibit.
This is High Desert Colors by Elizabeth Bamberger.
BambergerE_High Desert Colors_full
This is 30,000 Feet Above Somewhere by Shirley MacGregor.
Shirley MacGregor
On a personal note the bedlam, where we currently live, continues. To add to the chaos, I came down with one of those debilitating crappy viruses and was not much help for several days. We did get most of my studio stuff moved. Steph came over on Thursday with M & M and packed up a lot of stuff and then she came back with Jack on Saturday and did a whole lot more. These shelves used to hold our wine glasses.
So, progress is being made in spite of me!! Yesterday, I spent most of the day in my jammies changing our address online in as many places as I could. It was Steph’s birthday and we took her out to a seafood restaurant. She wanted mussels and fries. Here is the cool decor in the restaurant, Block and Tackle.
I think I feel well enough to get back in the thick of things, today. I will check back in a couple of days.

Missed My Blogiversary

Thursday, February 6th, 2014


Nine years ago on February 3, I did my first blog post. Usually, I like to have a party and give my readers a chance to win something in a drawing, but since I have The Printed Fabric Bee going on, I am going to wait for my 2000th post, which is coming up, soon.
If you want a chance for the printed fabric, leave a comment on the previous post!

We had snow today! This is a photo I took early on. We got more than this and are expecting more tomorrow so I am going to try my hand at snow dyeing.


Processed with VSCOcam

I have been putzing around most of the week with errands and SDA work, but today, I got back to work on the quilt for Paige. I am using hot pink and white blocks to go with the disappearing nine patch blocks. In fact, I am almost done with the piecing. I can start working on borders tomorrow. I have to use the floor as my design area!

Processed with VSCOcam

Tuesday night was the opening of the Simply Red show. Here are some photos I took with my Moonstruck piece.


Red Hills 3 IMG_0569 email

This is an overview of the upstairs gallery. It is a lovely space out in Hillsboro.

Red Hills 1a IMG_0566 email

Studio Work and an Exhibit Opening

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

seasonalbackgroundorganzafusedI have been a busy artist. First of all, I am so excited with the results of fusing the painted organza to the seasonal background. It gives the illusion of a landscape which is what I was hoping for. I am now working on the next addition to this. I am excited about that, too. Here is a detail shot of the background.


Tonight was the opening of the High Fiber Diet Show at the Mt Hood Community College Visual Arts Gallery.


It is a beautiful gallery space.


Here is Mr C checking out one of my pieces:


Here are some other shots of the show.




We had a few sales tonight – always happy to hear that. Galleries tend to want you back when that happens.

Our excellent weather has continued to delight us. Warm, sunny days at the end of October are such a pleasant surprise.