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Kimono III, Ready to Quilt

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

I was quite put off by this, but with the encouragement of my readers I kept at it and I am liking it now. Here is  detail:

If I feel better, I will quilt it tomorrow. I am auditioning thread.

This book was just released. I received my copy today. These are quilts inspired by Obama.

The group quilt done by the Fiber Artists for Obama is in the book.

Here is a detail showing my block which has 4 screen prints of Obama (second down on the right). The quilts are currently traveling around to various venues.

I am lumbering through the day coping with whatever it is that is ailing me. I am hoping it is a virus that will leave soon. I am going to go to bed early again.

Kimono III

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

I am auditioning vintage kimono fabrics for a third in this series. This time, I have pulled fabrics with red and black. I’m having a little trouble with this one, but hope springs eternal.

M and M have gone home to their parents. They had a great time on their getaway, and Mr C and I enjoyed our time with the kids.It is Steph’s official birthday. Forty years ago, I was in labor when they discovered that Steph was in a posterior position. Back in the day, these things were not known until it was too late to do a C section. It was a long and difficult delivery. She went code blue shortly after the delivery, but was revived. I remember holding her in the hospital and counting all her fingers and toes, and I swear, she smiled at me as if to say, “Mom, it is going to be ok.” Here is a photo of her with Mark and Lisa on the occasion of her Baptism.

I have felt exhausted all day and it has been an effort to do what I have to do. I did manage two walks with Scooter in the chilly mist of Portland. But, tonight, it is official, I have a fever and I am giving in. I am sick. It is probably a sinus infection — it is that time of year. So, I am off to bed and hope to sleep it off.

Happiness is…

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

getting an hour or two in the studio to finish some work. For this kimono, I did the satin stitch edging. I think it gives a nice unobtrusive edge to the piece. I quite like this piece and it it doesn’t sell, I might find a place for it. All it needs is a bamboo rod.

Someone asked how big these are. They are about 32 inches in each direction.

I have Mia and Miles her until Tuesday, but with them in school during the day, I am going to try to get one more of these done. Tomorrow morning, Mr C has a Dr. appointment so I am on my own to get the kiddos off to school. Wish me luck!!

Last night’s dinner party was a big success. Even Scooter was on his best behavior. I hung my new glow bowls from Diana Fayt in the dining room next to the fireplace. They looked so beautiful.

I also splurged on some new table linens that were on sale. I bought some orange tulips to complete the scene.

A bonus of having the dinner party is that the house is nice and clean and there are left-overs.

Kimono II

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Allergies be gone — I have things to do! I have made it through the day with a little help from my drugs and a saline rinse. We are entertaining 3 other couples for dinner tomorrow night. It is our Sojourner’s group from the cathedral. I am cooking the main course; others are bringing appetizer, salad and dessert.

I spent the morning making Ina Garten’s version of Julia’s Beef Bourguignon. It is rather labor intensive, but so worth it. I prepared it today so that all I have to do is warm it up tomorrow. It is one of those dishes that improves with time. Tomorrow, I will also make au gratin potatoes to accompany it.

This afternoon, I finally had enough energy to finish the design for Kimono II and got it fused to the batting. This time, I cut the vintage kimono fabric into 4 inch squares. I quite like this one. Here is a detail:

Tomorrow is taken up with house cleaning and dinner prep and on Sunday, M & M arrive for 3 days. They will be in school on Monday and Tuesday, so I will have a window of time to get some more studio work done, like quilting this piece. I might do another of these while I have the fabric spread all over my studio.

It is Friday night and movie time with Mr C. Hope I can stay awake.

A Mopey Day

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

I had a hard time getting with it today. It was chilly and raining and my allergies were in control. Finally, this afternoon, I made it down to the studio. I auditioned some fabric for binding yesterday’s kimono quilt. I settled on a nice red Japanese print, but I did not have enough so settled on another one.

I don’t usually bind quilts, but decided to use one on this piece. I still have to make a sleeve and find a red bamboo rod.

As you can see in my first photo, I am now working with neutrals and oranges for another piece.