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Friday, February 1st, 2013


It was a pretty nice day today. Almost felt like spring. I took Scooter for two walks. Doesn’t he look handsome. He had his day at the groomer’s this week.

In the late afternoon, we went down to the Rhodie Garden. There was a beautiful sunset out over the west hills.



The Hellebores are in bloom and the Rhodies are getting ready to pop.


I had a big job to complete before Monday and I got it finished today. On Monday, we are jurying for the annual Trinity Artists Among Us. Almost 70 people have e-mailed photos to me. They were given specific instructions for sizing them. Most didn’t follow the instructions. I had to resize them and organize them into a Keynote slide show. It is done and looks really cool. I am excited because we have several new artists submitting who do wonderful work.

I finished the Alzheimer’s quilt edges and did a hanging ring and a label. I like getting work done early!





And here is my rendering of a balsamic vinegar bottle. Not thrilled with it.




Tired, Busy, Happy

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

yellow-green 28


I am coming to you from The Congdon Infirmary and Day Care. Jayme is quite sick with a head cold and cough. Mark is doing a little better. Neither of them is getting enough sleep. Paige, on the other hand, is having a good old time, keeping us and the dogs on our toes.



Tonight, she was in rare form, and was not ready to sleep at her normal bedtime.


Mr C and Mark took turns walking her around, and she finally got sleepy.

I keep running out of food. I am not used to feeding so many folks. I made a huge pot of soup tonight and it was gone. Clay helped me make vegan apple crisp. Just means that you use vegan margarine instead of butter.

I thought I would share some of my great Christmas presents. This is a lovely little hanging of Chinese zodiac animals with wonderful embroidery on them. My sister-in-law, Ann, got them when she was in China last spring.



I collect ethnic and folk art crosses. Steve’s brother and wife gave me this one. It is Haitian — made from a steel drum and then painted. It is really wonderful.



Lisa gifted me with some great fabric. Indigo cotton from some friends in Oakland who dye and sell fabric.



She also gifted me with a set of fat quarters of Jay McCarroll’s design. He was the first Project Runway winner who designs fabrics as a sideline. I am in love with the colors and patterns in these.



This is my favorite because I think I would love to make a quilt that looks like this.


She also gave me this lovely striped and very soft wool stole/wrap. Love the colors.


Stephanie and family gave a beautiful woven stole. I love the colors in this too. I guess I will be staying warm and stylish this winter.


Scooter is a little bit jealous of the time I spend with Paige. Sometimes, he just comes and sits by us and stares with those eyes you can’t see!! Then he will come up and try to put his head on my lap next to her. She loves him and loves to grab his fur and ears and tail. Overall, he is very gentle with her.



Here is today’s 3 x 3.

yellow-green 29


Only two more to go. Then what? I have some ideas, but have not settled on one thing yet. Sometimes, I think I should give the daily thing a rest for a year.




Feelin’ Groovy

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

I had a great day. We had a STASH gathering at Reva’s home, just up the hill from me. Mr C went to Corvallis today so I got to give Scooter his morning walk and then I took him to the groomer’s so that he will be in good shape to go to the Canine Resort next week. When his hair is longer he comes back all matted and then the groomer is not very happy with us.

Anyway, Reva made us a fantastic lunch. Beth gave us some gifts found on her travels to Finland and Russia, and she regaled us with wonderful stories of her trip.

I was feeling happy tonight because all of my children were together in San Francisco for the exhibition of art work done by Mia and her classmates at the California Academy of Art Young Artist Program. I wish I could have been with them.

Yesterday, I started planning my next quilt. I am making a piece for the PAQASouth’s Water exhibit. It will involve abstracted kelp. Here are a couple of ideas I have for blocks.

I think it will be another fun piece to create.

I showed you the Duffy boat postcard last week. I also made one for Del Thomas. We call her our angel for sponsoring our Twelve by Twelve exhibit at the IQF shows. She laughs that off. So, here is the card I made for  her. It finally got there. She says they were probably passing it around the post office for a couple of days.

Of course, she does not have a gold halo – she has a gold hat!

I am so pleased that I have been able to keep up with my 3 x 3s this month. Here is today’s.


Stop Procrastinating

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Yesterday’s 3 x 3 is a piece of indigo with some rusted areas.

I am not being as productive as I want to be. I started a new regime today. I am hoping to get more work done in my studio so that I can keep up with my commitments. I had to do some neatening and cleaning to get ready to finish the Mr C and Scooter piece. Here is the background fabric that painted before I went to SF.

I need to do some more layers of painting and printing before I can collage the blended photos. I have some trees to make into thermofax screens then I can start printing.

For today’s 3 x 3, I decided to work with complements. This is blue silk background with orange circles, free motion quilted.

Lisa called tonight to tell me that she and Clay are meeting with a wedding planner on Tuesday to make plans for a spring 2013 wedding. Woo hoo! The venue will be the Marine Headlands, and you need to reserve it a year ahead.

Here is my boy, all curled up and sound asleep.



Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

I am so happy to have the metamorphosis piece finished and photographed. I just have to write the blog post and set it to publish on Sunday morning while I am in San Francisco. Here is what the back looks like!! That is all I can show you for now.

The blue 3 x 3 for today is a layer of painted silk organza over painted silk, fused to blue wool felt with free motion quilting.

Today Scooter got a much needed hair cut.

Tomorrow, I am getting mine. Also, tomorrow, I will do a drawing for the scarf and post it Thursday since tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday!