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Child Labor

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

My daughter called to ask if we had any odd jobs that Mia and Miles might do to earn some money. I immediately thought of the fused scraps in a box that I wanted to sort by color. I suggested that Miles might do some sorting of the mess of screws and nails and nuts and bolts in his workshop.

Here is my box of scraps before.

Here is Mia at work.

Here are my scraps in plastic bags. I am so happy to have this done!!

Here is Miles at work sorting.

Mr C went out an bought a storage unit with little drawers. Looks awesome, now. Later, we took them out for sushi. It was a nice day.

Jayme sent me this photo of Paige in her new chair. How cute is she?

Saving Bits and Pieces

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Now,  I know why I have been saving all those bits and pieces of fused art cloth. It is just so much fun to dig them out of a bin and cut and snip and create a little composition. This base of this is red silk organza with black misty fuse over red felt. The strips of fabric are silk with a black spatter design – not sure if it was dye or paint. The dots are black silk.

I have had one of those days away from home for most of the day, that sort of exhaust me. First, I went to the dentist for a check up and cleaning, however, they were running late and couldn’t do the cleaning today, if I was going to make my 12:30 lunch meeting in downtown Portland. So, I have to go back in a month for cleaning. The good news is, my teeth and gums are in great condition for my age.

I am part of a steering committee for our annual Artists Among Us at Trinity. It is a fine arts show and sale for one long week-end in May. We have about 50 – 60 artists. It is a lot of work. It has been run by one person for the past 10 years. She retired from our committee and it is taking 3 of us to do the planning. We are making some major changes and I am really excited about it. We had a very long and intense meeting today involving decisions about a lot of the work I will be doing so I came home exhausted.

I decided I needed a change of pace so I took Scooter for a half hour late afternoon walk. It helped to get some of the cobwebs out of my brain.

I have another recent gift to share. This is a beautiful journal made my Nikki Wheeler, one of the Twelves. It is so beautiful, I am afraid to use it , but I do plan to do something great with it.

Each one of these was different. I love the details of the 12 insignia and the beaded  spine, not to mention the beautiful paper. Such a treasure.

Mr C is going to be going down to Corvallis for the next 3 days so Scooter and I will be on our own. I have a couple of appointments, but hope to have some good studio time.

Making Progress

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

I finished Klee’s Castles and I just need to add a label and a sleeve and send it off for the SAQA auction. I had a lot of fun adding the details to this. Here is a detail shot.

I finally got the latest fabric frenzy cleaned up and stored. I have a bag of large fused silk scraps and a bag of smaller pieces.

I can’t bear to throw out the smallest of scraps. They are great for making small works like fabric postcards. I am happy that the studio is neatened and I can start my cityscape this week-end.

We have had some half way decent weather today. It was chilly but mostly sunny and no rain. It is amazing what some sunshine can do to lift your spirits.

Tomorrow, Terry Grant and I are going to the Clark County Quilter’s show in Vancouver, WA. We will be selling and signing the Twelve by Twelve book and showing the colorplay quilts that we have revealed on the blog, so far. I am looking forward to the meet and greet and to see some quilts and maybe spend some money at some of the vendors.

Working Smaller

Friday, March 12th, 2010

It was nice to play around with the smaller format this week. It is nice to get the instant gratification my finishing a piece in a couple of days. I played some more with skinny bits for this and then made the commitment and fused it. I let it percolate for awhile and then quilted it this afternoon. It is clickable to see it larger. I am considering using this for the SAQA auction. I am going to do a larger one this week-end – not sure if it will be roots or grass.

Here is a detail:

Have a great week-end. I am wondering if I will get my skinny envelope from Quilt Visions tomorrow. Seems like a lot of people have gotten theirs yesterday and today.

Tangled Roots

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

After a three days out of the studio, I just had to get in there tonight and play with some scraps. I have some slivers of the fabrics I used in Mother Lode and I got this idea of using them in a 12 X 12 quilt. I think they look like tangle roots. This is not fused or stitched, yet. I think I like that background for this – sort of rich soil looking.

Today was STASH (Some Thursday at Someone’s House). Today it was at Gale’s home. We had a good time chatting and sharing our work and especially hearing all about Terry’s adventures in Cleveland, taping for the Quilting Arts TV show. She prepared a great lunch for us. Always nice to spend a few hours with my friends.

I took these mossy photos in her front yard. I love moss and Portland had a plethora!

Mr C and I are still fighting over which green paint to use. I will keep you posted. We have to make the decision tomorrow.