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Healing Art

Wednesday, February 16th, 2005

I have been so touched by the messages and good thoughts that have been sent my way since I broadcast my problem with breast cancer. I am a lot like my mother in that I would rather be giving and caring than receiving and it is sometimes hard for me to deal with the all the attention.

This I know, in the past few days I have had an energy and a zest for life that can only be explained by the many prayers and lovely good thoughts that are being sent out to me and carrying me through this time.

I want to share 3 special gifts with you which have arrived at my door.

Elizabeth Van Schaick who is on the Quilt Art list with me sent this healing quiltlet. She says it is a healing talisman and she sometimes calls this a “woobie”, which is a term for a security blanket. It is meant for me to take with me whenever/whereever I need to. She has explained all the symbolism in a card she sent with it. Here is the front:

Here is the back:

Cathy Hansen, a member of my Pointless Sisters Art Quilt group sent me this hand made quilty valentine with several fat quarters of lime green fabrics! (I love lime green!)

My friend Mitch saw my blog and my music preferences and made me a CD of 60s and jazz music. The cd and cover were done in his computer art. The music choices are terrific and I am enjoying the cd in my car. His wife Vicki is our new parish administrator and she calls me the queen of all things!!

I thought I would share the bounty of my blessings today. Thank you to all who have sent wonderful healing thoughts my way.