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It was a Dark & Stormy Day

Friday, April 8th, 2005

… and then the sun came out and then it rained again, etc, etc, etc. So it was a good day to clean my fabric closet. I had all this home dec type stuff – left overs from past projects, fabric that never made it to a project – you get the idea. So I bagged up stuff that the quilt guild boutique committee can use to make stuff and put the rest in a bag for the silent auction table.

Then there was the yarn container – ugh! I used to weave and I sold my loom last year, but kept some of the beautiful yarns. I realized that I will never use them. I sorted out the baby yarn for the guild preemie hat knitters, saved some stuff for my future knitting projects and put the rest in a bag to take to Emily, our youth minister, who just bought a loom and is learning to weave. IT FEELS SO GOOD TO PURGE! Plus there is more room for the stuff I will use.

We had a great guild meeting yesterday. Such wonderful show and tell stuff. I am always amazed by the quanitity and quality of work that the members do. Here is a photo that my friend Rita took of me showing the straight and narrow banner. Notice the funky red linen outfit that I got on sale at Chico’s – a place I frequent.


Click to see a larger view.

Sunday, the Bishop is coming for his annual visit to do baptisms and confirmations. The vestry always has brunch with him after the services and it is always difficult to find a place to seat us with some privacy SO I said come to my house. I have to spend tomorrow cleaning the house, shopping for food and doing some prep work. I love to entertain large groups of people. I love doing the linens, using the good china and serving fabulous food. There will be Mimosas!