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Two more postcards

Sunday, April 24th, 2005

Here are two postcards made today. The top one is made with a photo of a bouquet that my friend Patty designed for a brunch I had earlier this month. The photo was printed on bubblejet set silk and collaged with silk fabrics.

The second is a sunflower for my friend, Janet Shore, who turned 81 today. She is a most amazing person. One of the founders of the East Bay Heritage Quilt Guild and master quilter. She had a quilt in Quilt National way back in the dark ages!! She has so much energy that we 60 somethings can barely keep up with her. She had hip replacement surgery last year and bounced right back. She is on the road almost every day in her blue Volvo going to some quilting group around the bay area. Her motto is “Always drive five miles over the speed limit.” She loves sunflowers and so I thought this card would be appropriate for someone who has brought so much sunshine into my life!!