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The Shape of Friendship

Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

The Pointless Sisters have finally come to the end of last year’s challlenge. Eighteen of us participated. We each chose a shape and two colors. The others were to make a 10 inch block with those perameters. We decided to have a 56″ square finished size. We selected eight of the finished pieces to go to The Ultimate Guild Challenge – an AQS contest. The winning quilts will be in the Nashville show in August. So here they are:

The eight being shipped to Paducah are:

Moi – any number 0-9, turquoise and lime green

Janet (the 81 year old!) 2 to 5 intersecting lines, orange and turquoise (This is my fave!)

Patsy – vase, purple and kiwi green

Sandi – fish, burgundy and gold

Ruth- curves, turquoise and magenta

Joyce – house, black and red

Cathy – arch, maroon and blue

Carolyn – hat, teal and terra cotta