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Archive for August 25th, 2005

Buried Under a Newsletter

Thursday, August 25th, 2005

I am coming out from under the huge fall newsletter that I am formatting for my church. I have to crawl back there tonight, but thought I would post something before I take the dog for a walk and make dinner.

I sit at my computer and look at this wonderful little quilt:


It was made from a bag of my stuff  by Brynhilder Bjarnadottir of Iceland for the Quilt Art challenge. She did lovely beading. It is called: "Sisters with Bags of Stuff"!

I made this one for Linda Cline, who lives in the East Bay area. So I met her at PIQF last year and delivered it in person. I said I would be wearing lime green and that I have red spiky hair and she found me!! this is titled, "Technicolor Sunflowers". Linda’s palette was quite different from mine. The rules said you could add your own fabric so I added – lime green – what else!! She had included the sunflower batik which was a jumping off spot for me. The sunflowers and leaves are 3-D and appliqued to a wacky pieced background.


I also want to recommend my daughter, Stephanie’s blog. She takes great photos and has taught me a lot. Today she posted photo tips for bloggers. Look up in the right hand corner and click on Daughter Stephanie!

I’m off. Don’t know when I will be back from under the newsletter.