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Juried into a Gallery Show & Judges Comments

Saturday, September 10th, 2005


I’m have an out of body experience, I think. Or I am having very good karma. I have three quilts accepted into the O’Hanlon Gallery Art Quilt Show. Of course, the alter ego is telling me that not many people entered the show and that is why I got in. Why do I want to negate the good things that happen. The quilts that will be in the show are Mallory Brook, Zen Forest (see below) and Dot Calm. The gallery is in Mill Valley, south of here in Marin County. It will be open from Oct 4 to 29. I even got a bunch of those nice little postcards to send to my friends!!

Yesterday, I picked up my quilts from the Marin show and was quite thrilled with the judges comments which I will share with you all:


Vintage Collage: Fabrics and textures add interest to the quilt. Colors and fabrics are well chosen for the quilt style. WELL EXECUTED QUILTING ENHANCES THIS PIECE. Piece should be flat – there seems to be some buckling. (Yeah, from all the underwunder!!)



Zen Forest: Excellent visual impact. Good use of innovative techniques. Piece gives a calming feeling. As presented on judging table, sleeve extends beyond top of piece and is distracting. ( OK, I have to fix that!!)


Crossing the Line: (I started this in a class with Mrs. Mel. I hope she reads this because I think the comments are funny) Colors and fabrics well chosen for quilt style. WELL EXECUTED QUILTING ENHANCES THIS DESIGN!! The piece has a lot of energy and dynamic appeal. The judges note that the piece does not have 90?Ǭ? angles and that might be distracting on the wall ?Ǩ but in an abstract category that could have been deliberate. (Well, yes!!)

So, in an otherwise ho hum week, I have these comments and the acceptance to be very happy about. One of my donations to Art Doing Good has sold and Gerry O’Neill e-mailed me to say she had bid on the leaf quilt so that is good news too.

I’m wishing I had more studio time and less time taking care of stuff for the organizations I am involved with. That is my goal for 2006 – to simplify my life and have more uninterrupted creative time. Tomorrow, I am going to the local Surface Design meeting. It is always fun to see what this creative bunch has been up to.