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Feeling Cruddy & My Velda Newman Quilt

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

I have had a virus for a day or two that has affected my intestinal quality of life and left me feeling achy and out of sorts. I had a lot of "obligations" yesterday so I muddled through and then crashed last night. I slept until 8:30 and am trying to get it together because Lisa is coming to spend the night and I need to prepare the guest room and make a nice dinner, but at this point it may be nice take out!!

In the words of Robbi Eklow, I am having brain cramps so I can’t even think about responding to Gabrielle’s question – "What drives you to create?"

Deborah saw a presentation by Velda Newman last week-end and I mentioned that I have taken two classes from the great Velda! She asked to see what I had made. In the first class we actually had a pattern and made a quilt. It was very early in my quilting career so I didn’t do much quilting, but I think my apples are quite stunning!! In the second, two-day class, we just made samples of her various techniques. Here is the apple quilt:


I thought maybe Steve could help me today, but he is having a really bad day, too. He got a new Dell computer last week. His first problem was that the Microsoft Office he has would not load on the new computer because the CD was damaged. Microsoft said he had to buy new software because they would not support the old version. He relented and did that and now the new computer has crashed, before the new software even arrived. So lets just say, he is not a happy camper. This is why I call Microsoft the evil empire. Apples rule!!