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Some Nice News & Pointless Sisters

Tuesday, September 27th, 2005

Remember this postcard? It was purchased by Karey Bresenhan for the International Quilt Festival permanent collection. I just found out that it was selected for publication in Cloth, Paper Scissors in an article about Fiberart For a Cause. The other two postcards are by Virginia Spiegel who started the project and Pat Dolan, fellow artful quilter blogger. Woohoo! I am having such a good time!!


Today was Pointless Sister’s art quilt group. We had our first design class with Marilyn Felber. It was a great class and I feel that Marilyn is just what the group needs. One of our projects today was to select a bag of Marilyn’s scraps. We then selected nine pieces out of the bag and added one fabric to each one from our scrap stash. We kept at this for four times. Sort of a mystery quilt!! Some members whipped out the piecing in record time, but I had to design and analyze each piece of fabric that I added!! We are to finish adding fabric and perhaps make more crazy quilt blocks and then find a way to set them into a quilt top. I like that she is starting this class in a way that everyone can feel comfortable participating and learn.

Here is some show and tell:

Cathy brought this quilt that she made a few years ago for the New Quilts from an Old Block. She calls it Stumbling Blocks.


Patsy, who has seen March of the Penguins two times, made this rendition of the movie title.


Here are two quilts from the always prolific, Selma.
A baby quilt commission:


Paper pieced New York Beauty.


I am still suffering from this sinus thing. I have such a clogged brain and am hearing crickets and it is getting very annoying!! It seemed to be getting better, but I think the flight home yesterday set me back.

Tomorrow, I must do sleeves and hanging dowels for my quilts going to the O’Hanlon Gallery and deliver them tomorrow afternoon. I hope that I can get some postcards done on Thursday. I am looking forward to some creative time.