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Purple Rain Drops Keep Falling ….

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005

Sometimes, I just don’t know when to stop!! I wasn’t going to post this, but I think y’all should see what can happen when you do not leave well enough alone. I quilted this piece with some luscious amethyst metallic thread. I quilted random rain drops. I thought it needed something more. So I got out some violet metallic pearlex powder and mixed it with some textile paint thickener and painted in the rain drops. Didn’t have enough pizazz so I when I was in Michael’s, I found Amethyst Scribbles glittering 3-d paint. (I told you I don’t know when to stop!) I painted in the rain drops and when it dried, I thought "This is the tackiest thing I have done in a long time!" Here it is. I am sharing it with the blogosphere.


I think this will get cut up and made in to post cards!