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The Sound of Quiet

Saturday, November 26th, 2005

All is quiet – too quiet. Everyone left this morning. I have spent the day moping around, washing linens, turning the turkey carcass into soup and finishing some postcards.

Several of you asked about the Dr. Seuss looking tree at the Cornerstone Gardens. It is done by a landscape architect who turns dead trees into works of art. This one is covered with blue Christmas ornaments. If you are interested in more photos of the gardens you can find them here.  For more salvage photos, look here.

Monday is my baby sister’s birthday. She is 10 years younger than me and unlike my other two sisters, she is not a blond. She is my only sister who quilts. She started before me, and she does wonderful traditional quilts and samplers. She has done a crazy quilt with velvets, silks and embroidery that is just gorgeous.  Her name is Judy, and here is the postcard that I made for her. notice the photo on the left – do any of you remember the TV show, Father Knows Best? Doesn’t she look like the youngest daughter on that show?


The other card is a photo of Mia on Thanksgiving day  that I posterized and printed on fabric.