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Christmas Booty

Thursday, December 22nd, 2005


I’m sorry! I couldn’t help myself! This is my Christmas present from M & M – Puddletown boots. Aren’t they cool!

We arrived home this morning – after arising at 4:30 am to catch our flight back to California – joining the throngs of travelers clogging the airport. We left a house full of sick family members. Miles had a relapse today and was running a high temp and after a trip to the Dr. and some antibiotic they are all heading for North Carolina tomorrow.  I am praying for a successful trip for them. It is hard enough to fly across the country with two kids and when they are not in the best of health, it can’t be fun.

We did have fun last night at our little Portland Christmas party. Mia absolutely loved her Art Bag and I got lots of hugs and thank yous. I came home basking in the glow of a few days with M & M.

Steve and I babysat on Tuesday so that Steph and Jack could get out to finish their shopping. Yesterday, Steve and I had a great time shopping in downtown Portland. I just love the city that will become my home. We spent some time in Pioneer Square, then off to the Pearl District to find the Patagonia store. The up to NW 23rd to get an important gift at Urban Outfitters. Then we drove around the area of Portland that we are interested in and looked at some houses that are currently on the market. All the while the Portland mist drizzled about us. In California it pours. In Portland it sort of drizzles.

I have to get up early tomorrow and get the house ship shape and do some baking. Lisa and Mark are arriving. Mark is bringing his new girlfriend!! This should add some spice to the normal Christmas activities.