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First Postcard of 2006

Sunday, January 1st, 2006


The first one goes to Jayme, my son’s girlfriend, who gave me an Amaryllis bulb to force in this beautiful red pot that perfectly matches the red in our house. I will be posting photos of the Amaryllis as it develops into a beautiful bloom. Here are the first 3 shots. Can you see it growing?




Today I made a big pan of lasagna and my quilting friend, Janet (the amazing almost 82 year old) came over for dinner with Mr C and I. We demolished a bottle of champagne and got a good start on the zinfandel she brought with her. Her cable Internet service is down, so we got her caught up on her e-mail and reading my blog while she was here. There is never a lull in the conversation when Janet is around. Janet, I will miss you so much.

I am working through my list of things I must do before the Realtor comes. I have been getting at least one task done every day. It is still raining here in Sonoma County, but it is not pouring buckets, at least. The boots that M & M gave me have come in handy this week. So far the New Year is feeling good.