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The Sun’ll Come Out

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

…Tomorrow! That is the forecast. It has been raining again – not buckets – but incessant. I spent yesterday cleaning drawers in my kitchen. I no longer have junk drawers – I got rid of all of it. I now have drawers of useful stuff. I went to Ross, Target and Stacks and Stacks and bought some great organization stuff, a lime green shirt, a cool, striped shower curtain and a new duvet cover for one of the guest bedrooms.

Today, I finished the church newsletter and the kitchen drawer organization. I had a vestry meeting tonight, and I took my knitting. Look what I accomplished:


Here is a progress photo of the Amaryllis. It continues to grow even though it has not seen a ray of sunlight since I took it out of the burlap bag.


Mark just arrived to spend a few days with us helping Mr C get the landscaping and side yard in order. He is in the kitchen foraging. I will need to buy more food. I didn’t know he was coming until tonight. When he was thirteen, he used to stand in front of the fridge and eat, and I swear I would see his pants get too short. He is now 6" 5".

Tomorrow, I need to come up with a creative gift to give my guild board members on Thursday when I pass the gavel on to the new president. Stay tuned.