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Color & Composition: Line & Shape

Sunday, January 8th, 2006

Well, I am just underwhelmed by the response to my 4-way meme post. Oh well, guess my regular life is not that exciting.

Now back to our regularly scheduled posting. It is time for the third set of exercises from the Color and Composition book. This set involves composing with lines and shapes. First we have two compositions using straight lines. In the first the lines are to be parallel to the edges of the foundation. I chose an asymmetrical composition.


In the second, none of the lines were to be parallel to the edges. I chose a diagonal composition:

The third composition uses curved lines in various lengths; again, I chose an asymmetrical design.


For the fourth composition, straight and curved lines are combined.


The second exercise involves composing with shapes. The first is made up of various geometric shapes in one color. I meant this to be symmetrical.


In the second, another color is introduced as a focal point, using the same shapes as the first composition.


I really enjoyed doing the line compositions. I found it fun and challenging. I was less thrilled with the shape compositions.

Today, I attended the local Surface Design meeting. I got some great feedback on my latest work – great for the ego. I have a goal of getting the studio cleared out of excess fabric and other stuff by Tuesday so that Mr. C can paint the wall where I have had my design wall and clean the carpet. Maybe I will take some pics of before and after and maybe not. Right now it looks like a disaster area as I make my piles of keep, store, give and throw away.