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The Janet Shore Show

Friday, January 13th, 2006

You may have recalled my mentioning my almost 82 year old quilting buddy, Janet Shore. She started quilting 30 years ago just as the craft was undergoing a renaissance. She has made some incredible quilts and has been in Visions and Quilt National. She has had quilts travel to Japan and hang in galleries and museums around the country. Today she did her first ever trunk show for the art league of Oakmont, the retirement community where she lives. I finally got to see all of her quilts.

Diane, list mom, and Rita, Pat, Pam and I helped get the quilts to the auditorium and held quilts during the talk. Here they are getting set up.


Here is the ever sunny Janet before the show with Pam.


This is Janet’s first quilt, which is actually a group quilt made in an adult ed class with Roberta Horton. Each person made a block and hand quilted it. Janet won the blocks. Note the 70’s orange!


This is an early quilt of Janet’s that  think show just how talented and artistic she was. It is called View from My Window. She lived in the Berkeley hills and had a view of the San Francisco Bay. That is Rita holding the quilt.


This is another very innovative quilt called Jukebox Saturday Night.



Blue Fantasy Flowers – now, isn’t this just wonderful. It has wonderful hand embroider and beading.



Here  are closeups  of the quilt:



This is the quilt that the East Bay Heritage Quilter’s made her when she moved up here to Santa Rosa. Each of the leaves bordering the quilt was made by a different member. Janet is very fond of sunflowers.


Here is a closeup of a charming quilt made as a memory of a trip to Japan, made with fabrics she purchased while there.


Here is  closeup of Blowing in the Wind. I l love this. I wasn’t able to get the full view. I always kid Janet that it has my name on it.


This is what a lifetime of quilting looks like. I think she had about 30 – 40 quilts. She was a natural and it the talk went very smoothly.


So many people came up  to say that it was one of the best programs they had every had and they had a whole new perspective on quilting. We think that we should start booking gigs for her and send her out on the road!!

Time for an amaryllis update. It is really taking off: