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Color & Composition: Achromatic Composition

Sunday, January 29th, 2006

Bit by bit and little by little, I am divesting myself from all the stuff that filled my days here in Sonoma County. Today was the annual meeting of my parish and the new Rector’s Warden was announced – and of course, it is not me. I am staying on the vestry until we move, but I am kind of a lame duck member. But, yeah! No more Tuesday morning meetings with the Rector.

I am feeling somewhat giddy with freedom. I know that there is a lot of work ahead, getting ready to move and the actual move, but I think it will be an exciting time. I am really focusing on finding a great space for a studio in our new house. Every time Mr. C shows me another listing, I ask, "But does it have a daylight basement?"

Today, I did my achromatic focal point composition. It was the same as the monochromatic, except I used black and white prints in a 7-step value run. I am not as happy with this – not sure why.


I changed the monochromatic into a gray scale composition just for the fun of it and this is quite cool:


Katie’s book talks about black and white quilts and the visual impact that they can make. Here is one that I did for Mr. C a couple of  years ago.


This is in a narrow entry into his office so I had to take the pic on an angle. I used a variety of black and white prints mixed with solid black. I layered four fabrics and cut curves and wavy curves and then reassembled the pieces into four new blocks. I have a huge stash of black and white fabrics because it took many to do this.

Tomorrow I think I will do some machine quilting on my ufo’s.