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Lt’es get rdeay to smrblace

Thursday, May 11th, 2006

Trehe’s an emial thta’s been fnoatilg aounrd for a wlhie, wehre the
wrods are serblcamd. As lnog as you d’ont thnik aubot the wdors as
y’orue rnaideg tehm, you can raed it jsut fnie. The tcrik is, the frsit
and lsat lettres saty the smae, and olny the iennr lerttes get
srbelamcd. Yuor biarn redas iidivuadnl wdors, not ltrtees.

From the Scrambled Text Generator.

This was in the Oregonian today and I thought it was pretty funny.

I have no pictures. I have been working diligently on my studio set up. I’m almost ready for photos. Today I received 15 yards of silk charmeuse and some yummy dye powders from ProChem. I can’t wait to start dyeing fabric. I have a bolt of Misty-Fuse coming my way and then I get to start creating the liturgical piece that I have been dreaming about for some time. I’m thinking of going to Mobile, AL and supervising the installation at the end of June.

Tomorrow our little crit group (four of us) are having our first get together. I have to take a piece to go under the knife. Hope I am ready to have June Underwood look at my work up close and personal!!!

Make Way for Ducklings and Peoplings

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

I am really putting in time trying to get the studio and storage room finished so that I can get cracking on the big commission quilt. This morning Mr. C and I took Maggie to the Rhodie Garden. See how lush it is now (click to see full size). I call the last photo Tuesday in the Park with George

Rhodiegarden1   Rhodiegarden2   Tuesdayinthepark

The goslings and ducklings have started to hatch. Here are some ahhh-ooooh photos:





For this photo, I loved the reflection of the flowers in the water and did some special effects with it a la DebR:


This afternoon M & M came by to spend some time with us while Steph did some errands. Here they are enjoying ice cream on a stick.

Mmicecream  Mmicecream2   Tandemicecream   Seriousmiles   


As you can see, it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Tonight, I hung out with the STASH women – Second Tuesday at Somebody’s House.  They are a nice group of women, and I am happy that they have invited me to part of the group. It is very low key, nice conversation, some goodies, some show and tell. What more could you want?

Another Opening, Another Show

Saturday, May 6th, 2006

I have two nights of the Artists Among Us  show and sale behind me. When I left last night, I had not sold anything, but neither had 95% of those in the show. The major sales were the jewelry crafts  people. There was some gorgeous jewelry. I bought this fused glass red head. The face is really lime green which is not showing up well in this photo.


Here is a view of the show as you enter the hall:


It was very nicely set up with panels and bins for unframed work.

Here is my panel and my bin to the right.


Here is other textile work:



When I left last night, this artist had sold the quilt in the upper right for $35. Mine were priced at 4 or 5 times that, but had a lot more work to produce them.

These weavings were funny:


The upper left has corks and the hanger says, I’ve popped my cork. The  one on the right has hinges and says, I’ve come unhinged. The bottom one has bottle caps and says, I’ve flipped my lid.

Several people seemed interested in my work. The aspen piece was a favorite. Someone was taking photos of each one! Wonder if she has a blog!!

I  have been getting other work done, too. Look! The commercial fabrics have been sorted, culled and are now stored by color:


Here are my batiks all sorted:


And I have been working on the fish quilt. The fish have eyes and some plant life has sprouted at the bottom of the quilt:


I see that one jelly fish body is missing from the upper left corner.

There is an Episcopal Church up the street from us with a banner that says there is a quilt show today so I am going to run up there and see what that is all about. Then I am working at the AAU show this afternoon.

Fish Fusion

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

I am making my third tropical fish quilt. The first is on its way home to me after hanging in a show in San Jose. While there, someone saw it, love it and wanted one in a different size. The other was made for an auction to support a day shelter for at risk women and children in Santa Rosa. So I am working on the commission piece. After seeing Terry’s method of Liquifuse applique, I decided I had to give it a try. I do a lot of beading on these quilts so Wonder Under is out of the question. For the other two, I did a temporary gluing with glue stick – which is not very stable.

I select fabric for a watery background, sandwich it and quilt it before adding the fish and beads.


I make freezer paper templates for each section of the fish, making sure there is a seam allowance for fusing the pieces together. Here are my fish templates, after they were cut from fabric.


After cutting each template, I added the diluted Liquifuse to the edges of each piece. The, using Teflon sheets, I assembled each fish as a unit. Today, while I was making fish, Mia and Milo were visiting and coloring in coloring books and chatting with me. Pure bliss!! I digress. Here are the assembled fish positioned on the background. Now, all I have to do  is iron them down and do some stitching and I am ready to bead. Inspired by Judy, I am adding a sea horse this time and of course there Will be octopi! These fish need some eyes!!


In my spare time, I am still trying to get the studio organized. I have been sorting fabric. These piles are my commercial fabrics. I still have batiks, hand-dyes and silks. I am sorting all of these by colors. I obviously need to get rid of some more fabric. I’ll never use all of this. Most of this is from my early days.  So I am going to cull through it and take some to Scrap to donate. I used to give it to my guild for the community quilt program.


Tomorrow night is first Thursday gallery night in downtown Portland and our Artist’s Among Us show will be open. The gala opening reception is on Friday night. On Saturday afternoon, I am helping by staffing the show, So guess I have my dance card all full for a few days. I’ll try to remember my camera so that I can post some photos.