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Father’s Day and Fun with M & M

Saturday, June 17th, 2006


This is my favorite picture of my Dad. That is me on the right in the cape and ribbons in my hair. He is holding my brother Frank and that is my sister, Jean,on the left. I was probably 5 years old. My dad fit the New England farmer prototype, strong and silent. I used to call home and if he answered, he would immediately hand the phone to my mom. All of the grandchildren adored him. After he retired from farming,he still had a small farm where he raised a few animals and had an incredible vegetable garden.His strawberries and raspberries and gladiolas were legendary. After my mom died, he became more talkative. I enjoyed my visits with him. As the first born, I was named after him – Gerald. but everyone knew him as Jake. I have wonderful memories of my dad. I used to go on errands with him.I stood on the seat of the old Ford truck, with my arm around his neck. My dad had no enemies. Every one who knew him, loved and admired him.

Another great Dad is Mr. C. He is also the best grandpa. Here he is playing ball with M & M this


They stayed overnight with us and instead of reading them a bedtime story, he makes up stories about cows who play violins and have picnics. Our children remember fondly the stories of Hans who made a living giving people rides on his bicycle handlebars. His own father was very distant and Mr C made a vow that he would be a hands on, down to earth Grandpa and he has succeeded!

Here are some more pics of our fun day with M & M. Click to see larger images.

Miafeedsducks  Miapark



Miloslide   Miasliddw

Miloplayball  Milosqings  Eastmorelandgardene

We saw some baby ducks…


and a wedding party …


and on the way home, we saw this beautiful Magnolia…


I have managed to get some crosses satin stitched. It is slow going. Tomorrow we are all driving up to a lookout where you can get a pretty good view of Mt. St. Helen’s. We will have a picnic and celebrate the fathers in our lives.