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Sunday, August 20th, 2006

This is a Day of the Dead Quilt that I did for a Quilt Art Challenge couple of years ago. It was out on tour and came home a couple of months ago. Now it is going to be part of a Day of the Dead show at Quilt Expo in Michigan, curated by Lynn Krawczyk. It was made to honor four women who had a large impact on the woman that I have become: my mom, her mom, and two  of my aunts. The skulls were printed on fabric and fused to their complements for high contrast. Amazingly, I found the border fabric in my stash.


Here is a close-up:


Here is my progress on the new quilt. For those wondering about the pattern I posted in the previous blog, the arrows tell me which side of the pattern piece needs to have seam allowance when I fuse the fabric to wonder-under. I learned this from a Robbi Eklow class. I will leave the wonder-under paper on the back and put everything together like a puzzle and then fuse the pieces together. I’ll show you this process when I get there. So far I have the background grid pieces cut and fused to wonder under. I have used a shibori hand dye.


Here, I have the top circle filled in. Not sure if this is permanent, but I kind of like what is happening.


I had to stop work because M & M came home from a camping trip and came by with pizza for supper. It was great to see the tired little campers and their mom and dad. I can’t wait to get to the studio tomorrow morning.