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The Color of Winter

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Today is Mr C’s birthday. We celebrated with the family last night at a local Italian restaurant. I forgot my camera. It was loads of fun. Mia entertained us with descriptions of The Muppet Show which she has recently discovered on DVD.

today, Mark, Jayme, Mr C and I headed out to Silverton to visit the The Oregon Garden and
The Gordon House. The Oregon Garden consists of 20 specialty gardens and, for my landscape designing son, was a real treat. I was amazed at the beautiful color of plants in the dead of winter. The Gordon House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and once stood along the Willamette River. It was destined for demolition and was saved, dismantled and moved to Silverton on the grounds of The Oregon Garden.

Here are a few shots from the day to whet your appetite. To see all the glorious color, go to my Flickr set.




Here is The Gordon House. We missed the last chance to get inside, but I took some photos outside. The second one is through the window with a peek at the kitchen.




Red was Frank Lloyd Wright’s favorite color. So here are my shoes with fallen leaves on the steps.


It was a beautiful day. We had a wonderful view of Mt. Hood gleaming in the distance on our drive home — a rare sight in January. I tried to get a photo, but Mr C was driving too fast.

Here is Mr C with his birthday present which dutifully arrived this morning, after being ordered 6 weeks ago for a Christmas present! It is a black leather ottoman. The top comes off, flips over and doubles as a small coffee table — a great place to store my knitting which I generally do when I am in his office watching the High Def TV.