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Lines, Rolls or Rithms

Friday, February 9th, 2007

If you are a regular reader, you can see that the side bar on the right has changed. I used to keep track of my favorite blogs with Blogrolling. I really like this updater. It was easy to add a blog. It would add a "new" to the blog whenever there was a new posting. But, suddenly, it no longer updated blogs. When I went to their site, it was obvious no one was paying any attention – the page had not been updated since August. E-mails to support went unanswered.

So, my next avenue was to check out Bloglines. I could never figure this one out. So, after an e-mail conversation with Mrs Mel, I decided to try out Blogarithm. I found it easy to use and I love that I can make categories. It does not update the blogroll, but I get an e-mail, once a day, with all the new posts. It comes at 4 pm. I wish it came in the morning.  So for now, that is how I am keeping  track of all of you.

Well, that is not the only way! I also have RSS feeds bookmarked. Some blogs don’t have RSS activated. I don’t know how that works. Anyone know? I have a folder titled Blogs on my bookmark’s tool bar.

What have I been doing? I have been getting "Breaking Barriers" ready to go to Marion, Indiana, next week. I had to finish the facings, add a four inch sleeve and make a label.

I have also been getting the final stuff written for my website. I will soon be able to do the tweaking myself. Gloria Hansen of Gloderworks and her helpers in snowy London are designing it.

I leave you with a couple of the lovely Valentine’s drawings that Mia did for me last week-end. I love, love them. These are clickable for a larger version.



I the picture above you can see the bow that has shot an arrow straight through the heart.