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Thursday This and That

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

I am off to California tomorrow. I have a list, but I haven’t packed. I am still not feeling 100%. Hope I can shake this bug. One positive is that the textile blocks showed up today.

I finished unsewing one section of Pathways. I wasn’t happy with the gray organza strip. I screen printed a bronze piece and stitched it down today. You can also see that I have started cutting away the organza around the circles.


I was working on it last night and Mr C says, “What is that? Is it art?” I said, “Yes!” the he says, ” I like it!”¬† I never know what his reaction will be.

Stephanie and M & M came  by today so that she could take photos of my hands at work. For the Columbia Stitchery Guild show, they are going to post photos of our hands at work. Here is the photo I selected.

Ta! I’ll check in from Bezerkeley.