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Feelin’ Groovy

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Just a reminder that I am still looking for some more photos to join our Virtual Iraq War Protest! I added a couple more today. Just click on the Endless/end this War bumper sticker in the side bar. I still have some bumper stickers left – if you want one, send me your snail mail on the contact above.

Today, I came down to the studio and, after shortening a pair of high-water jeans to cropped pants, I pulled out the fused silk scraps left from the big commission that I finished about a year ago. They have been under my cutting table, out of site. I was delighted with what I found.

I began cutting small squares and decided that I wanted to make a cruciform piece a la Mrs Mel and Liz Berg. Here is Red Crucis, fused to batting.


And here is is after a pillowcased backing and quilting and a close-up.



I did some of that wonky satin stitching on it. I really love doing that with the variegated thread. This piece is not that large – maybe 12 inches square.

Here is my thread doodle for today. It is of my mini-iron. I clearly need to spend some more time at this!



Finding My Groove

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

For too long, my sense of well-being has been marginal, to say the least. I feel as if I have lost my sense of direction. I want so much to have my vim and vigor back — to relish going for long walks and to find joy in doing the mundane tasks. But most of all, I feel a need to find my way artistically — doing what I love most.

On Sunday, we finally had the long awaited get together of Terry’s extended family with mine. Her son-in-law, Cayo, moved here last year with her daughter, Emily, from Ecuador. He is an architect and wants to figure out how he can get in to the filed here in Portland. My son-in-law, Jack, is an architect. So, we wanted to get them together with the possibility of Jack providing some help and encouragement for Cayo. Cayo and Emily have a 2 month old beautiful baby, Sofia. I had planned to get pictures, but I was having so much fun holding the baby and visiting — I neglected to get any photos.

I did get these photos of the salads that I made. The first is one of my favorites: black bean, corn, tomato and avocado.

And a pesto pasta salad with grape tomatoes.


Here are M & M engrossed in their mini-litebrites that I bought for them. Mia is wearing the vest that I knitted for her with the tie dye skirt I bought to go with it. Don’t you love Milo’s summer haircut?


Yesterday, I had to catch up on 3 weeks of homework for my EFM class – whew!

So, today, I thought I would get in to the studio and do something very creative — not! But, I just couldn’t get in the groove. I did some work on the SDA web site. Played some computer solitaire. I shortened the sleeves on a new shirt and added some elastic to a new pair of pants that don’t want to stay up. Played some more solitaire. Arranged an art date with Terry and June for Thursday.

Then, I decided to do a little thread doodling ala Kristin. She is posting one every day and is improving her technique. So here is my only creative endeavor for the day or the last two weeks, actually!


I guess you can tell what these items are, but I have a long way to go so I shall join the doodle a day, maybe!

Give Me a Z……!

Saturday, May 19th, 2007


What is with the Z, you ask? Hang in and you shall discover.

The crappy virus did me in. It morphed in to sinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, and bronchitis. Since I already had arthritis and bursitis, I was feeling rather done in by the itises. The antibiotic that was prescribed on Tuesday did nothing to ease my fever and pain. It took until Friday to get the wonderful super antibiotic — the Z pak — Zithromax. Instead of 10 days of four pills a day, you take 2 the first day and one a day for f0ur days. By Friday night, I was up to going out to dinner with Mr C and my temp was almost normal. This morning, I awoke feeling like a new woman. Let’s hear it for the Z!

We had a lot of catching up to do around here. Mr C has been busy building a fence and so the house has been very neglected. Since we are having very important guests tomorrow (more about that tomorrow), we needed to do a good purge and clean. I even took Maggie for a 2 mile walk. I then went out to do some errands and shopping for dinner for our guests.

Tonight, I am tired, but it is a good tired, not a sick tired.

Please check out the Virtual Iraq War Protest Flickr site. I have added more photos and the stories that accompany many of them. Just click on the Endless/end this war bumper sticker in my side bar. Hope all of you are receiving your stickers and are taking some great photos to share with me.

Finished Piece and Art Acquisitions

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

I think I am on the mend, but it has not been pleasant. I started antibiotics last night and feel better today, but not fantastic, yet. So, I am spending my time watching junk tv and occasionally getting caught up on the computer.

I have uploaded new photos to the Virtual Iraq War Protest. Just click on the Endless/End This War graphic in the sidebar. I just realized that the e-mail I gave for sending the photo jpegs was incorrect. It is gerrie(at)gericondesigns(dot)com.

I was able to finish Passage so that it could be in the Columbia Stitchery Guild Show:


Here it is:



I did the machine quilting in a stupor, but I think it is ok . It has to be!

Last week-end, Mr C and I made some acquisitions at the Artists Among Us show at the Cathedral. I bought this water color, Mossy Rock, at the silent auction – got a great deal! I still need to get it framed.


We bought this beautiful photo of the Cumbria region of England. It was hard to photograph because of the glass reflecting. It received a ribbon for viewers favorite from the artists and volunteers.

I am going back to vegging. It is that late afternoon, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, time of day. Where is the Aleve?

Sunday Potpourri

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

I owe lots of e-mails to so many of you. I just have not been feeling very well. The crappy virus is the lingering type. Mr C and I have both been suffering from coughing and sniffling and sinus headaches. It has taken all my energy to do what I have to do.

I have been working on Passages for a show that opens next week here in Portland. I am quite happy with it. I did some handstitching with perle cotton. I was struck by the beauty and the necessity of the quilted markings on fabric to give texture, depth and definition. Here is a sneak peak:magicstitch.jpg

And look at this quilty cuteness. Viola finally received her quilt today and her mom sent me these photos.



Isn’t she the cutest? Look at her checking out my quilting!

Yesterday, I found these gorgeous cookies that look as if they are dye-painted.


I took them for our snack today. We went on a hike to one of the many waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge. We went with M & M and their mom and dad. Here are M & M sliding down a lovely boulder.


Here is the watery display:



Mr C and Miles entertained themselves a la Andy Goldsworthy, building a stone cairn.


I have uploaded a few more photos to the Virtual Iraq War Protest. Just click on the bumper sticker in my side bar. I am still sending out bumper stickers so if you want one, let me know by sending me your snail mail in the contact form at the top of this page.